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Saturn in Pisces & Pluto in Aquarius---Irresistible Force of Pluto Part Five & Fifth Dimension

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Pluto in Aquarius and Saturn in Pisces Fifth Dimension & Hair---Pluto and Charon (his co-star to allow you to cross into his & Persephone's underworldly dimensions)

No more falsehoods or delusions---and mind’s true liberation” However, Pluto tends to teach us through the shadow first based upon suppressed and repressed fear. What are some of Aquarius’ fears? Not fitting in, seen as ‘crazy’ or fanatical. Or what Liz Greene coined the storefront Aquarian. I paraphrase, ‘everything is in the store window, but there’s no inventory’. So, in the no falsehoods, there is no inner center (shades of being as far away from Leo, heart aka individual moral compass). Their large brains can justify any of their behaviors--rationalizing why they hurt others. These concentrated air folx often have very quick minds and observational skills, they can be the embodiment of ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’.’ This libertarian living can easily devolve into ‘if you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for anything’. To their closest others, their behavior often seems calculated and superficial---shifts with the group's winds. What may seem ‘progressive’ to the Aquarian may seem opportunistic to the rest of us.

Charting Humility

The Pisces Age of the last couple of thousand of years has taught each of us (no matter what religion) how to project false humility (which is no humility at all). If you’re acting submissive while holding resentment or seeing how you can do it better than someone else, then that’s not real humility. That whole ‘being asked to the head of the table versus being asked to leave the head of the table or not talking about what you do well (without putting anyone else down), is SO Pisces Age. Aquarius Age centers around honest and transparent assessment of who you are in all your unapologetic grown ass woman, man or trans/NB glory! We are all equals in the ideal philosophy of this upcoming age. It is a human sign on the ‘circle of animals’. As ambassadors of humanity, it is important to project experienced confidence, not some anthem like arrogance based upon superficial and toxic energies---no matter which gender and/or biological sex your mind and body presents as.

Charting Humility underscores a paradoxically and simplicity of love between humans that’s innocent and childlike. The wholistic energies of the Goddess brings us not to our knees in obeisance, but lifts our heads unified with our authentic hearts’ voices. Alpha and top dogs are erased. These designations are based on the left hemisphere and linear thinking. Centered and communal living may be circular yet are based on everyone having someone to face. In a circle, we have someone who sits 180 degrees away, who can look us directly in the eyes. Being on a bent knee is a dominance/submission model that we can (hopefully) agree has not worked, yes?

The finger of the Goddess (aka a 'yod') can ameliorate that through the humility inducing relationship of the energy that is six signs from Aquarius. That sign is Cancer. The more that the Aquarius honors their family of origin and their traditions, the more likely there is something in their ‘morality store’. Remember Liz Greene's insight into the superficial side of Aquarius (or as I've learned they keep A LOT of their inner world hidden while shocking their outer world in a hurricane chaos of 'oppositional defiance disorder' and/or provocative sexuality). In this store these bright individuals will follow their principles above all else.

They'll speak truth to power but without the humor of Sagittarius. Their truths resonate with the rest us in direct proportion that Aquarian lives them. When there's duplicity or hypocrisy, there's a lack of respect for themselves and others. Aquarius is meant to build communities based upon inclusiveness and acceptance. There's a willingness to sacrifice their status, class or career for a vision of the future. There's a 'Pied Piper' energy within--amassing a following of the usual suspects of misfits. Hell, there can be a brazen Lady Godiva, one of the original 'Only Fans' riding naked on horseback before social media. The nakedness symbolizes 'having nothing to hide or lose'. In any negotiation Aquarius stays detached from personal advantage, they attach to the principle of universal fairness and unapologetic individual expression--which means they can (and will) walk away from a contract, deal or relationship--hence, getting what they want from you. We can make fun of the kooky and corny Aquarians. But, take note when this concentrated air sign fixates upon principles of inclusion (Musketeer credo 'one for all & all for one) in the now, my money's on their success.

Use these weeks from March 23 to June 11, 2023 to see the future for your family, chosen community, government. What are your intentions? Do you live transparently or have you sold your soul to appear progressive and woke? Have you become all things to everyone, but not knowing your own heart? Are you not standing up for anything, so you're falling for everything (and everyone)? Pluto in Aquarius underscores a basic truth--time will tell--and this Lord of Death is the Doctor Who in his time traveling Taurus (complimentary sign to Scorpio) has all the time in all the dimensional worlds that we can see.

Yet, when the star child has an oppositional defiance disorder aka ‘rebel without a cause’ then these people will react to anything outside of their ideals with often well constructed arguments. Typically their love can be fickle when they were loved for their unusual gifts given freely to these around them, but not loved for simply being (a Leo trait). The outsider positions themselves as observer (and judge). It's Groucho Mark's saying that 'he wouldn't belong to a club that had him as a member'. Even in close relationships Aquarius can be in, but not of, it. They check out and create space for anyone to enter who needs to take care of someone--a mother, father, brother and sister act. It’s a source of all codependency. Maddening. Frustrating. Beguiling.

Pluto ain't having this brand of daisy chain picking and banjo playing sad add country music or over compensating raunchy auto tuned R&B! Pluto demands authenticity--a put up or shut up--shit or get off the pot vibe.

These next couple of decades might as well have Tina Turner's comeback tune 'What's Love Got To Do With It?' EVERYTHING. Love makes or breaks the Aquarian. Without a central intention aligned nakedly and vulnerable connected to love, there is nothing to Aquarius.

Except moving from one situation, job or relationship like an orphan in an Oliver Twist story. Or a foster child who was abused. And, that is where our wound festers. The only feelings come from the past. The past is prologue (and prolonged). The future is history repeating itself. However, on further examination (usually away from the Aquarian) you can begin to see how their arguments were based upon an emotional memory. It is integrating Cancer (tribe/family/squad) with tangible and humble service to whole (Virgo) that Aquarius shines as ideals meet with reality of how we can share resources equitably.

Remember love in all of its forms has everything to do with it. Forgiving the past and its betrayals. To become responsible for your part in creating your history is a beautiful and worthwhile first step. ❤️

Humility, unlike, belief is required and it comes from choosing, not needing, love. Humility requires placing the ego low--that is, embracing our shadows--going into our personal darkness to emerge open hearted and reborn--free like a sprite or fairy--paradoxically seeming irresponsible but actually being a channel for movement by irresistible forces ❤️ 💕.

Love like the speed of light.

It's a matter of time (3rd dimension), what about when we live beyond time and space?

Enjoy this beautiful tune by Basia:

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