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Say What You Want--Full Moon in Aquarius Thursday August 11

Please use these creative and magical energies to say what you want, first. Yes, you may use your immensely analytical minds to parse your words. But begin with simple declarative sentences based on your heart. It is one thing to say/imagine--I want X (Leo, after all, rules the heady and often addictive romantic love), it is wholly another thing to say I want a relationship with another soul where I demonstrate love from my whole self. Yes? These codependent bonds are strong, particularly in a culture such as ours that parades sex, but then teaches abstinence and shame.

So let's allow our universal energies to deconstruct to get us to trans-end our past, ok? I’ll start with the word ‘opposition’. To see the Full Moon’s in ‘opposite’ signs, misses the point of unity, commonality and losing the blame game. Pause and contemplate now.

Instead of thinking of opposition, let’s look at what Leo and Aquarius have in common.

Independence---one from the heart and show themselves through action (normally having maintained friendships from childhood) hello, Leo.

Independence---one from the mind and show themselves through bringing folx together who have different backgrounds, cultures, races, genders and orientations hello, Aquarius.

Let’s get together, huh?

Speeding up this evolutionary process is Uranus in Taurus speaking to both the independence of Leo and Aquarius.

These concentrated fixed signs are missing a leg of value and resources in Scorpio, the sign of deep and chosen social bonds. Everyone who was born between 1975 and 1982 has Uranus in Scorpio and these people are our trendy light workers in the shadowy darkness of Mar-a-Lago.

Just like we have a different world (yep, Jasmine Guy) after 9/11, we have a different world after our Gemini/Sagittarius with Pluto in Leo former President Trump has allegedly taken state secrets. This is not the ‘I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman and what is…is”? (Although it is a cosmic joke that Trump, W and Clinton were all born within three months of each other in the Chinese Year of the Fire Dog, we be digressing).

This Full Moon directly after Lammas and the harvest is large, close and all inspirational like. Venus bringer of Equilibrium, Joy, Love and Peace (prolly in that order) will have just RuPaul sashayed into Leo. Our hearts are alive with the sound of music. Music, a universal solvent, when directed toward higher ideals brings some muttafukkas together. Music takes the lowest denominator mob mentality from Aquarius to a ‘we are the world’ I believe we all can fly Pisces.

However, remember we have Earthquake Wild Card Chaos Daddy Uranus in resource driven Taurus---unless we can really imagine a world where resources are shared---we be fukked!

This weekend Mars goes into Gemini to spend his warrior toddler-like time until March 24, 2023. His retrograde cycle extends from basically Halloween until that 12 day of Christmas or so. Simply imagine that Aries, Scorpio & Capricorn are holding their tongues, genitals and knees from All Saints Day till Dr. King Bday. Stop the love you save may be your own. These warrior folx have an instincts for either the preemptive strike (Aries), snake/lair and/or rope to hang you (Scorpio) or a Brutus like strategy to your gangster ego Caesar (Capricorn) or an ankle bracelet where we recognize how we are shackled to our greed and materialism (Aquarius).

Allow this Full Moon in Aquarius to get you the breathing space to detach, buy some gemstones and learn to breath consciously (hello, Our Raw Material) to make it through. Detangle your mind from the past fights within and without. Hug a tree. Buy Amber. See your ego as a costume to be worn like a headdress (Aries), underwear (Scorpio) or necklace (Capricorn).

It is beyond time to leave your family pattern behind.

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2022년 8월 12일

Thanks---appreciate the feedback as it was a Raw thing that a close friend asked for some Full Moon info & voila. Have a gr8 weekend!


Lisa Irle
Lisa Irle
2022년 8월 12일

Hello old friend... love you still... love your writing, and your take on the big picture! Take care out there✌️🖖🦋🌿📚 Lisa


Thanks for the headsup 😀🙏

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