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Searching For Physical Security: Taurus Moon

With all this individualistic fire and earth, today and through early on Thursday, Taurus grounds and sustains us. Flexibility and open minded is not usually a trait of the bull, however, Venus moves into her home sign on Wednesday. She'll be bringing those small valuable gifts of joy, mildness and harmony. We can become receptive to our interconnectedness within our families and without.

Tuesday afternoon there's an economic reality wanting to present itself with the Moon squaring off with Saturn in Aquarius. How do you see money or other financial investments? Reformer or revolutionary? Caution expansion is basic with the planetary movements. You can consider which risks are worthwhile (or not). Thinking frugally while considering investments for the long term is well advised. Taurus teaches us the patience for a better future.

I'd appreciate your flexibility and patience as I want to express myself more here at this website.

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