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Shine, Shine Leo Moon

Create love--sounds easy enough, yes? Yet, the day after the Full Moon and MLK can get our minds reeling around how to overcome and create love where only hatred or indifference exists. There's a thin line between love and hate. Anyone who has had their heart broken and opened, knows it is indifference that possesses the best effort at 'killing' love. What then do you say to that allegrd murderer called indifference? First of all no side eyed scoffing to deliver an adolescent 'whatever'. To say 'whatever' is defensive and not helpful, whole or joyous--love is all these things and more.

Well, I say access your inner Rosa Parks or any inspirational person. Feed your love with images that show your vulnerability. Tenderness tried, tested and true signs, seals and delivers love best dressed in in all its forms. Sigh.

Leo as a concentrated fire lives and thrives on inspirational stories and intentions. Release the armor that's been building up around your heart. Sigh, again--deeply and profoundly.

Love yourself, gently and softly. While you may focus on how love looks, more important to feel it from within. As it has been said, you know when you don't have love...a Leo Moon says there's no such thing as being without love, no matter how your life appears. That's why mirrors were created in the first place to reflect where love may consistently shine first.

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