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Super Bowl LVIII 49ers VS Chiefs Sunday Feb 11 2024: Playing 4 Fun or 4 Money?

‘Show me the money!!!’ a major refrain from Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s character in Jerry Maguire. Although this movie is 28 years old (same age as Patrick Mahomes II and older than 49ers QB Brock Purdy), this sentiment applies heavily to each player at Sunday's Super Bowl. Not to question the incentives of any player (hello, Chris Jones), however, many of the planetary influences point to a fundamental transparency wins the day---and the game. And, all things in this upcoming Aquarian Age---it is NOT a binary (fun or money), it is recognizing the extremes to locate the inner equilibrium rooted in our inner truth. All sports aid our awareness of how to stay focused in the present moment. Even as I write (and rewrite) this, I sense multiple parallel realities aka possibilities. Let's all keep a light touch around the outcome so we can have agency through joy and gratitude rather than guilt and suffering.

First of all, this is the first Super Bowl with collective and subterranean Pluto in ‘all for one and one for all’ Aquarius. After the allusion to the Musketeers’ credo, this progressive star child also has been known to ' take one for the team’ or ‘there’s no ‘I’ in team’. It’s a moody and temperamental day on Sunday. I prefer the term ‘atmospheric’ to ‘moody’. Sounds less judge-mental, agree? With the large feminine energy of the Moon all new and sparky in the adaptable soul sign of Pisces,those who can shape shift (play multiple roles on the football field will make the plays. Joy of playing as one matters too.

Again, all things in this upcoming Aquarian Age---it is NOT a binary (fun or money), it is recognizing the extremes to locate the inner equilibrium rooted in our inner truth. The Chiefs are the team to beat---imagine the amount of negative energy directed at them on the regular...'this little light of mine/let it shine' lol, but not...

The potential big winner is double Pisces Andy Reid. Translation: his extroverted Sun is in Pisces along with his intuitive and reflective Moon falling in this ‘mahatma’ sign. ‘Mahatma’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘great-souled’. While we all have the ability to access our larger souls and its inherent wisdom, there are certain combinations of signs that have more opportunities. Coach Reid, good or bad, is one of these souls. With Mahomes having his radiant solar purpose in complementary (not opposing) signs of compartmentalizing Virgo, he’ll need Reid’s faith to keep him on having fun, not focusing only on the outcome.

In multiple parallel realities Mahomes and Reid have been in the same family. Where Reid shines as a proud papa and nurturing feminine influence (Sun/Moon in Pisces, for those who like to see behind this wizard’s curtain lol), Mahomes has his biggest doubts and need for support (Saturn in Pisces). Hell, Patrick may have been Reid’s father or another authority figure. The fact that Patrick Mahomes Sr. has been arrested simply augments the stabilizing effect Reid has had and will continue to have on the star quarterback. From the universe’s perspective, there is always more love to access.

This family feel is exemplified in the State Farm Commercials (particularly when Patrick keeps his chicken nuggets from Andy). These are not actors. But when discussing past or parallel lives, our soul and the resonant feelings show truth. What I enjoy about astrology is that it offers a neutral view when handled in aware hands.

Kyle Shanahan and Brock Purdy have an indulgent father energy between them. It is as if there parallel reality includes the Head Coach who can be made to feel guilty relatively easily by Purdy. It’s like Purdy feels on some level that he’s pretending to play at star quarterback. These feelings are sourced in his Sun/Father Imprinting in Capricorn in a triangle of collusion to Saturn (Withholding Parent/Father) in Taurus in retrograde motion. Translation: the lack of daddy or daddy is the entire raison d’etre for the family makes this 24 year old feel as if he has something to prove on and off the field. Shanahan gives when he should correct and judges when he should overlook. The ‘benefit of the doubt’ is misused. (Brock is a child of Saturn who ‘delays success and gratification, but does not deny those who work for it’) My astrology money is on Purdy in 2026 (should his team make it to the Super Bowl again). Watch for his inability to ‘shake it off’--it being whatever he sees (and replays) as mistakes.

Game Day Notes (LFG/Let’s Fucking Go!)

I am reading and interpreting the astrological chart for Las Vegas NV at 330pm.

We begin the game with Leo on the Ascendant. Putting your best face forward in a competitive setting (check). Needing to beat the competition (check) But, are you focused on the money and accolades and social media and agent’s feedback and contracts or playing? With our illuminated purpose in team oriented Aquarius along with communication driven Mercury leading our solar purpose, those who communicate best with consciously diminishing their egos operate best for this Super Bowl. Transparency wins. For example this year Patrick kept throwing to those ‘tomato cans’ of wide receivers, even when they dropped the balls. I used to scream at the TV when he would throw to the receiver directly after missing a catch. No longer is that my 'go to'. His virtue is to get that WR back on the proverbial bicycle as quickly as possible. With Defensive Coordinator Spagnuolo being born with the supportive Moon in Virgo, he not only can read Purdy in his sleep, but he also instinctively protects Mahomes. Okay, okay, for the skeptical who think but of course that’s his job. Again, know that those that enjoy the game have an edge on winning the game. Universal energies beat our human egos attached to overthinking.


Pacheco is at his lunar high (this 2 to 2.5 day influence happens every time the Moon/Mood is the same sign as your Sun (birthday)). He is a Pisces and the Moon is in Pisces on 2.11.24.. He’ll be stomping around making plays and taking no names, particularly in the first half. He epitomizes the ‘virtue and sincerity’ that this Sunday’s planetary influences require. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t play a major role in two touchdowns before halftime.

Kelce simply has to continue to vocalize his commitment priorities. He can have the superstar girlfriend and a third Super Bowl ring (possibly even three consecutive wins!). Yep, I said it. When we win this one (34 to 29), we’ll be back in 2025. One major difference in the Chiefs and Patriots is humility. Reid/Mahomes are of the Pisces/Virgo polarity, these signs let their work speak for itself. They allow others to boast for them. Belichick/Brady are Aries/Leo respectively. When cis-gendered men have their solar purpose in masculine fire signs, they believe their own press releases (also myths about themselves). Humility can be a bridge too far for them to cross. Or imagine them in your mind’s eye. Did either of these men ever look like they had fun? Could you see them on a State Farm commercial? Inflategate ring a bell, anybody? Now, Gronkowski looks like he knows how to play.

In The Weeds On The Field...

355-415pm (overconfidence most likely to lead to turnovers, general energies applying to both teams)

435pm to 520pm (turnovers again could be challenging more so for the 49ers, if losing they’ll take too many risks.

There is an empty space of Scorpio in the Super Bowl chart that Mahomes, Kelce and Pacheco fill up easily. As long as they do not hold onto any mistakes or bring up rivalries from the past Super Bowl with the 49ers, things will turn out better with the referees and coaches challenges.

If both coaches get caught up in delusions and overthinking in response to mishaps or referee shenanigans 520p to 550p. 

Again, if I were coaching Purdy, I’d talk about not feeling the need to prove his worth to anyone. He is in the process of dismantling his need to be perfect for family, fans and himself.

40% odds that the game is lopsided (at least two scores in the lead) in the Chiefs favor by halftime. These odds are directly related to the ‘slipperiness’ of McCaffery. He has a blessed ‘Neptunian’ energy. The god of the seas in athletic events can have this running back playing multiple roles at visionary perfection. He is their wild card. Now, if he gets stopped enough (shades of the Chiefs' victory over the Ravens’ Jackson) Christian's Gemini mind may turn in on itself and become a master of self-sabotage. He has a melancholy chart, as if he has a secret that if we knew it would alter the way the world would see him. Mahomes is as nurturing and receptive as any soul can be and when Reid is added to this recipe…let’s eat & share our victory proudly!

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