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Suspicious Much? Mercury & Pluto Traveling Together

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Mercury or Hermes Trismegistus has the unique privilege of being able to travel through the underworld (Pluto's domain), middle world of humans as guardian to travelers, business ppl and thieves along with hanging out at Mt. Olympus with the Gods and Goddesses (upper world). These three levels of our mind's movements through time and space along with Mercury's three retrograde periods lasting three weeks each year offers a soulful symbol of the meaning 'Thrice Hermes'. The number three as in our ego's need for repetition, much like house training a puppy. Our egos are the puppy; our souls are the house. Our minds are incredible. Our souls are even more so---actually there are no words for our souls, just feelings held in our bodies.

Mercury was also known as the 'psychopomp' aka 'guide of souls'. When you integrate your intellect with a curiosity that compels you to research what happens after you die (shades of Pluto, yes?), you are doing the soul's work. From our soul's perspective, it is evolution. Your life has a more profound purpose. Surely there must be more than simply clocking 80 to 100 years, yes? What are we doing but feeling like a placeholder or coaster on the universe's coffee table, huh?

Today, on Venus Friday February 11, 2022, these two energies of mind and recycler of souls merge together in legacy building Capricorn. Pluto draws you into your deepest desires, your personal unfinished business and taboos. I am fond of saying that there are fairies who photograph your communications every time you utter 'always' or 'never'. These two words are spiritual red flags that move you a bit faster along Pluto's road of evolution. You see, growth requires an acceptance that you do not ever know what you will or will not do. This is a major reason why self-monitoring or what the Buddhists call 'vipassana' literally "special, super, seeing", is a Buddhist term that is often translated as "insight".

If there is ever a time to reevaluate your thoughts and how much they are aligned with your deeper intentions, it is now. Hell (underworld pun intended), Tavish Carduff and I are creating a whole meditation practice called Our Raw Material for just one of these purposes. To combine your larger visions (which requires a calm mind cultivated over time through breathing), daily actions and your profound sense of destiny or calling requires 'vipassana'. You see our other 'lord of death' Saturn is watching over each of us. He carries the scythe. But, Saturn represents the literal passage of time, your chronological aging. Pluto, through his connection to seeking solid feeling Scorpio, connects our egos to how we feel about the passage of time. This is one reason an 80 year old can feel like they are in their 30's and a 20 year old can feel like they are about to cross over. It is our minds through Mercury that makes most of the difference. Where our Mercury (thought) goes, so does our energies. Where are minds are left to wander, our souls send warning flares. How many of these flares we receive depends on how much awaring we do through vipassana.

Until Mercury begins to cover new ground (February 24) it would behoove each of us to spend a little more time in contemplation or meditation. New ground as in the ability to understand your life's direction in ways that have eluded you since mid-January is in store. Even if you only make time at each red light as you drive to work, you are at the beginning of 'good work'. Don't want anyone to have any car accidents. But, I want you to breathe in the simplicity of self-monitoring at any time and in any place. In Our Raw Material, a motto of ours is 'find your center, wherever you are'. We have been seeking our centers as our centers seek to be heard.

Check out . This week is Conflict--may you heal and unify any internal divisions between the voice of the ego (which is normally loud) and soul (which is often more subtle and soft).

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