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Taurus ♉️ New Moon--Make Joy Matter

Updated: May 22, 2023

Our Upcoming Taurus New Moon brings the joy of the Seven Sisters (The Pleadies) to our consciousness. We awaken Friday (Day of Venus) at 10.34am CDT (Hour of Jupiter) to be inspired to get work on transforming our greed and self-absorption into aspirations of connection to something (or someone) higher and inclusive. The Pleiades have long inspired rarefied feelings of love as in the Nine Muses. As Taurus matures, their essential energies move from self-destruction and self-depreciation to belonging and serving their chosen communities. There’s a release of grudges, family feuds and entitlements of all kinds to see everyone as an extended family member. The planet as a whole becomes one big united playground. Usually slow to commit but having depths of patience and understanding once having committed to a partner, work vocation or planet/Gaia.

When the Sun (radiant love & consciousness) merges with the Moon (fertile embodiment of pleasure and pain), we can create prosperous events and scenarios. Taurus New Moons usually want to see their manifestations in physical reality. This one is no different with the Year of the Rabbit and Seven of Pentacles emphasizing their visionary skills (yep, Taurus has dreams and visions). Assessing what has worked and transforming what is not working is a major theme of this Taurus New Moon at the 29th degree.

Boundaryless Neptune whispers lovingly from elusive Pisces, the god of waters softens Taurus’ rough edges giving us a feast of all our senses. Indifference is a death knell for this New Moon. You can be slow to warm up to the newly acquainted, however, Mars heats up our relationship cauldron from his last degrees in quickly intimate Cancer. The simple connection of Mars and Neptune with this New Moon accentuates the spiritual or holistic warrior whose sacrifice of their egocentric aims for higher and inclusive aims is central for all of us. Taurus usually narrows their values to fit their mission. However, the universal energies demand, a rallying cry of the US Civil Rights movement of last century---’We Shall Overcome’.

With the massive amounts of info that we carry in our hands via smartphones, we can no longer claim ignorance and bliss, specifically as it relates to members of the human race who are still oppressed. We can choose to ignore our privileges, continue to live from an entitled position. However, the next 26 days while Pluto breaks our Rooted Ideals Reality (RIR) in Aquarius.

These realities exist on thin ground now. In other words, we can no longer feign a lack of knowledge about our human family. From Yemen to Ukraine, southern US and urban blight, we have an awareness of financial and physical realities.

This New Moon along with Venus (Taurus’ ruler) has been slowing down to cast a bright yellow light of moderation to go retrograde from July 23 to September 3. She mandates (yep, the Goddess of love "man-dates') all the makings of realigning our values with our inclusive heart values through Her extended stay in Leo. Leo teaches us to access and express our ‘Anahata' (Sanskrit for the ‘unwounded’ or ‘unstruck’ part of our hearts). After all, Taurus and Leo instruct us to love as if our hearts have never been wounded. These two signs (along with Venus & the Sun) remind us of coming into our physical bodies---allowing and encouraging a surrender to divine entertainment (in the form of synchronicities) and orgasmic bliss. We embrace our shadows. Daily we seek our light within.

For those who follow AstrORM--Aquarius on a soul level connects us to Food--how we nourish ourselves on all levels of existence.) With Taurus it’s an oral thang, what we put in our mouths & how much. Taurus follows Aries, so there can be an ego attachment. In other words---YOU”D BETTER recognize their efforts (yep, intentionally stopped the all caps.---yall know Taurus be chilled). Fuck, I’d be even more chilled if I had a Voluptuous Venus Hourglass body or Aprhrodite endowed me with BDE, o-k?)

While Jupiter is in Taurus giving us what really matters (love and other free experiences, as in liberating), his Grandfather Freaky Second Childhood Uranus will be tripping with Solange building effing cranes in the sky. Huh? Uranus is trekking through the last ten degrees of Taurus as he looks to open up our minds to moving beyond (aka trans-) time and space. Expect/not expect the unexpected.

Political note: The visionary lawyer in me wants the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to add at least four members, but I’d settle for two more…(was increased to 9 by Andrew Jackson, Democrat, to give a pro-Union majority during the Civil War).

Instead of agonizing about the State Republicans, let’s organize what a Congressperson said the other day…

Jupiter represents expansion. He has a strong connection to judges (particularly the equitable ‘spirit of the law’ aka mercy & compassion). Taurus is connected through its Tarot relationship to the HIerophant emphasizes a ‘sacred’ or ‘holy’ energy from -hiero- meanings. Some Tarot change the name of the Hierophant to Shaman or Pope. Let’s face it---from now until May 24, 2024, we are going on a rollercoaster ride of expanding our mercy regarding how we judge everyone. SCOTUS is simply one collective symbol. Taurus in its soulful Music connection (AstrORM) keeps giving the song---Stop! The Love You Save May Be Your Own & ‘Let it be’.

Through its self-love (Taurus) and expressive individuality, its concentrated earthy energy can give everyone room to grow or a seat at the table. It’s usually when security issues are not addressed from an open and honest historical perspective that we get the polarization and isolation that so many feel today. Ideally, I’d love it if Jupiter instead of accentuating Taurus’s greed and self-destruction that ol Jove/Juprah focuses upon the joy and laughter.

Mental Note: This New Moon comes from Pluto in human centered Aquarius until June 11. It is as if our minds are traveling through time & space like our favorite work of science fiction…but, it is. The more malleable our minds coupled with open hearts, the more room we have for the creation of shared utopian states. Our daily lives begin to illuminate how we’re all connected, instead of disconnected. Realize that cynical Geminis, Librans & Aquarians carry our collective wounds of ‘worse case scenarios’. Yet, these three signs fuel their future visions with hope and joy (two Taurus traits), they pause, breathe and become some of our best advisors. Big Picture & Creative Power Solver Uranus in Taurus helps all of us see unusual ways to share our bounties IRL or in practical time and space. We put our money where our mouths are---practicing what we preach.

Love of my life and old flames be at your cosmic door entitled ‘Let’s Lust Now’. This door usually is found when you start feelin’ a ‘yup’ or ‘hey, let’s create whatever together…’vibration or two or several. Venus (Taurus’s guardian angel) spends four, count ‘em four months in pleasure and luxury seeking Leo---June 5 to October 8)

So what if your heart has some bruises? I have some of those in my tribe. Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus basically demands---’U Gotta Know Your People; Let your ppl know you. JCPenney ‘It’s all inside’. My sister picked up on that and mentioned either the store (when I’m in a rush) or I”ll say this is ‘all inside’. Just admitting this gives her an ability to realize I may have been acting from intentions that I’ve not shared. This summer all of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius) will be getting a crash course in visionary manifestation aka ‘be careful what you wish for, ok?...

Things to do; Tip Better. Speak compliments to strangers. Announce that you have chosen to speak only encouraging to those whom you’ve just met. When shopping, ask every worker how they are doing. Pause Breathe deeply. Sustain at least two or three beats of eye contact as they answer. When in restaurants, ask the server for their name. Depending on your energy levels, ask for the spelling too.

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Was expressing my gratitude to the baristas and telling them about you being my spiritual guide just now. Going back in with my phone to show them.

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