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The ‘Talk’ Part One

I know it cannot be left to the BIPOC folx to continue to teach, however, I agree with Viola Davis when she said ‘my life is an act of protest’. In this vein, this article is as kind and loving deconstructing of individualized racism and white supremacy as I have found of late (for some of you it’ll be a resounding ‘duh?’). Remember how you personally feel about BIPOC is irrelevant. I love being Black. What you think of me is none of my business. What do you say to you and yours when BIPOC are not around? Not knowing American History, mythologizing the Confederacy and your silence are problematic. Hell, I have begun to see ‘I have a dream’ as gaslighting at worse and remedial at best. Dr. King, pragmatic Capricorn, spoke about America’s bounced check written to America’s second class citizens (or some financial metaphors). We have not overcome (yet) but we’ve certainly overlooked that it was called the March on Washington was for Jobs and Freedom. Gospel singer (Scorpio) Mahalia Jackson watered that Capricorn through prompting him to tell the 250,000 members in the audience a out ‘that dream’. The lasting legacy that grew was King’s Pisces Moon/Mood & a dreamy vision that created a ‘colorblind’ myth. We must be seen, treated and have equal opportunities before you can go ‘blind’. You cannot transcend someone that you see, treat or fetishize as inferior. Let’s have some facts and policies, I dream mostly when I sleep. This is why systemic is front of ‘racism’ & Black Lives Matter has a loudly implied ‘too’ after it. It is the state sanctioned violence and policies of our government (redlining of the New Deal from the 1930’s is just one example) that continue a system of white supremacy. And…like the beats of Black Joy, we continue to create our own spirituals to transcend, yet recognize our oppression. Have you heard WAP? Save the Day? Remember the Intersectionality of Black Women and their power!

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