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Thinking Whole While Seeing the Details aka Aquarius Season

After 30 days/degrees of Capricorn, Aquarius is the proverbial 'breath of fresh air'. Learning how to see and live beyond any all boxes, that's this progressive air sign that holds water. Carrying a jig of feelings, the WaterBearer knows that if they don't contain their emotions, they can easily become fanatical. Usually having no filter, their truths can spoken not only bluntly, but unkindly.

Starting this Aquarius season is a pragmatic and submissive Virgo Moon. Submissive, as in shared ideals, not a doormat to be walked upon. Although submissiveness is a feminine trait (receptive, surrendering), it can be exhibited by any gender. With transgendered retrograde Venus in Capricorn (love Goddess to human male to war Goddess since December 19), we are all being called to profound responsibility in this Aquarius season.

The four transpersonal signs of Sag, Cap, Aquarius & Pisces have their rulers in transpersonal signs. There's a calling for everyone (especially these four) to think, see and act from a planetary perspective. Sure, you can teach others which pronoun you like, but to continually take it personally without instructing us patiently may be a waste of your energies. Live your truths. Take a lesson from the preceding sign of Capricorn--integrity and character are virtues upon which your high minded Aquarian principles must be grounded. 'We're in this together' has to be more than a platitude.

Many of us have so much info at our fingertips, yet how many times do we act, much more respond wisely? Just learn to check your judgements against the whole picture, not with your own confirmation biases. Since mid-November Venus has been diplomatic and seeking equilibrium, however as Mars moves into Capricorn on Monday January 24, we may appear to be going backwards. Take note though that Capricorn is an extremely patient sign of law and structure. Chickens will come home to roost, be they continue to cluck in your personal life or on the Ukraine and Russian border.

The watchful and reforming eye of Saturn in Aquarius aids every human being about what's worth restoring and what's needs to be released. Take many deep breaths as urged by Check out Week Nine Intention and 11 (Alignment with Intention).

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