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Civil War (1st one), Civil Rights movement (2nd one) and now Rev. Barber of Moral Mondays and NAACP President of North Carolina states in his book The Third Reconstruction:How a Moral Movement is Overcoming the Politics of Division and Fear.

Rev. Barber was born under a Virgo Evening Star. Sometimes known as a ‘Full Venus’, these souls have a heart centered pulse to their partners, communities and families. ?In Virgo, the Venus Star opens the soul to express their loving service to their ‘tribe’. ?With Mercury (rules Virgo) in social justice and equality-seeking Libra, Rev. Barber would be an illuminated channel of how to bring diverse groups together in a higher cause.

The current Aries Morning Star is being supported by the methodical and pragmatic Virgo Star of Rev. Barber. ?The humility and detachment aids the exuberance and sometimes aggressiveness of the Aries Morning Star we are all influenced by until January 9, 2018. His peace-making qualities will surely be needed. Through his Mars in Libra, he would more likely want to balance the scales of any social situation from micro-aggression between individuals to desiring to influence our thoughts and actions for a more equitable society. ?The Evening Star in Virgo adds to his ability to love the details of organizing disparate communities while balancing his ideals (overcoming division and fear) with practical realities.

rev william barber II

Venus is Retrograde at the time of his birth.  The Sun, Venus and Earth align once every nine months.

Venus is Retrograde at the time of his birth. The Sun, Venus and Earth align once every nine months.

Born under a Morning Star in Virgo, Mr. Gorsuch would have a more insulated value system. Retrograde Venus can indicate an internalized manner of coming to decisions about love, life and spirituality.

Being called the Warrior side of the Venus Star, there can be a sense of not fitting in or being out of harmony with others. Some suggests that men could even reject the ‘feminine’ or ‘yin’ energies. The nomination of Gorsuch (add an ‘e’ to the spelling, we get Gore-Such…ouch) is happening at the same point in the Venus-Sun-Earth cycle as it did for Justice Clarence Thomas. Thomas also was born under a retrograde Venus a day off from its exact align (which means it is not only more powerful, but there can be a darkness about how one’s actions affect others, a delayed response as it were. We cannot think Thomas without thinking about Anita Hill and what his confirmation hearings did to the national conversation about sexual harassment at the workplace.

Mr. Gorsuch will be synonymous with the ‘nuclear option’ and whether the Democrats will stand in solidarity to filibuster the Heritage Foundations’s choice for the Supreme Court. Will the institutionalized disrespect and obstructionism that kept Merrick Garland off of the Court by the Republicans be enough? Can this current Venus retrograde give enough internal power to the Democrats to vote their conscience? ?Will the double yang influence fire up and inspire others to continue to speak from their hearts and continue resistance to a fascist agenda?

What a Justice Gorsuch can do to women’s reproductive rights could last for a generation or two to come. Retrograde Venus men can sometimes have an examined retrograde (pun intended) on gender roles. Not being open to any other perspectives is a definite possibility. It is as if an insular viewpoint based upon only your personal experiences matter. With his seven planets (teachers) in compartmentalizing Virgo (and Moon/instincts in Gemini), his very active and linear mind can divide, but not unify as Rev Barber can. Gorsuch may not even be aware of his real motivations behind his behaviors (Mars conjunct Neptune in Scorpio squaring Jupiter in Leo). This planetary configuration could also explain his idealization of Antonin Scalia (and male influence in general).

The last point of looking backwards to value systems that have become outmoded would be demonstrated through his ‘strict constructionist’ view of the U.S. Constitution. ?The strict constructionists desire to interpret the constitution from the original intent of our founding fathers. ?In essence, there is very little light for real growth in our nation when all that is done by those in power is to continually build upon the past to keep power.

These are two different human beings with two incredibly distinct takes on what are the next steps for our nation and even the planet. ?Unless we elevate from the discriminating and lower energies of Virgo to the consensus producing Libra, we are destined for more darkness and divisiveness. ?The minds that separate and categorize must also have unifying higher ideals in which to guide our behaviors…within ourselves, our relationships and our lives. ?My money is on Rev. William Barber II.


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