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Here’s my lawyer’s disclaimer:

I do not know, nor have I researched why this event happened between the following three people. ?I write this to get you to think differently about the nature of relationship using astrology, and specifically: ?The Venus Star Point (the alignment of the Sun, Earth and Venus before your birth.) here are some general rules about the VSP:

  1. The alignment occurs once every nine to ten months.

  2. It is all relationship, all the time. IIARATT.

  3. How are you relating to others?

  4. How do you take responsibility for your intimacy or lack thereof?

  5. There is both/and.

  6. There are no oppositions on the Venus Star.

  7. There is no either/or.

  8. What’s your status of how you express your personal passions?

Here are the Venus Star Profiles of the Knowles sisters and Jay-Z.

Solange Knowles born 6/24/1986

Evening Star Capricorn Cancer Sun Fire Tiger.

Her Venus Star Profile is Yin Initiating Earth working with Initiating Water and Fire (Tiger).

Let’s unpack, shall we?

Cancer and Capricorn are opposite signs in the zodiac.

Cancer is protective; Tigers are fiercely protective (of home, hearth and family).

She is suited towards attempting to make her larger ideals come into physical manifestation, responsibly with a certain emotional passion to control her environment. ?A Cancer Sun combined with a Capricorn Star wants to be important in her family and her professional life. The Fire Tiger compels her to emote and be keep her large heart on the look out for betrayal. ?She would be attuned to those who are weaker than she is. ?This combination gives her a Venus Star Verse of #26 Potential Energy or Mountain over Heaven. ?Lofty aims for a lasting enterprise or legacy, but it can be lost to mood swings, hormonal imbalances or depressions when potentials are not realized.

Adding the Cancer Sun to her Capricorn Evening Star would give her an add’l Venus Star Verse of #52 Stillness or Meditation. ?Evening Stars of any sign are usually community driven and given to suppressing their rage until they burst. ?If Solange were a Morning Star, I would presume she flew off the handle with little to no provocation. I want to note that Mr. Carter did not move (guilty, perhaps?).

Solange Knowles Evening Star Capricorn currently lives under a Morning Star Capricorn (until October 25, 2014, as we all are). ?She has a retrograde Mars in Capricorn sharing space with her passionate Venus Star Point. ?This Ms. Knowles came into this life contemplating what is the right use of personal power as it relates to others. ?The yang aka assertive/masculine side of Venus comes into full force through her Mars located in the same space as her Venus Star. ?Women with Mars in retrograde tend to have a strong relationship to their animus (Latin for ‘spirit’). ?They are loathe to let anyone dominate them, and in the sign of Capricorn, certainly they will not follow someone whom they know to be out of integrity. ?With Solange’s Saturn (integrity/discipline) in Sagittarius (where Jay-Z’s Sun is located), my Libran scales tip to her having the moral upper hand.

We may never know what set her off in this way (and on some level I am fully detached about why, I like musing and expressing this Venus Star System). ?My motto is ‘It’s all relationship, all the time’ after all. ?Another note is that Capricorn is loathe to have public displays of personal affection or anger

This last Venus Star on January 11, 2014 perfectly aligned with Solange’s Mars (self-assertion and passion aka the yang side of life, in the negative war, violence and loss of control). ?Expect over the next five months to hear more about what really made her angry, what resentments she and her Evening Star Venus could no longer carry.

Her older sister mostly affectionately known as Queen Bey was born 9/4/81. ?She has an Evening Star in Aries. ?Mars rules an Aries Venus Star and this starlet has hers located in drawing focus and royal Leo. ?Mars in Leo is known for its theater and heart drenched performances (think Bruce Springsteen). ?However, the Sun ruled Leo burns those closest to her, especially when the Moon (empathy compass) is in Scorpio. ?Bey’s Scorpio Moon would be predisposed towards keeping secrets, and possibly manipulating those around her through her use of power, often chilling those out through judgmental silence or ‘stink eye’.

Stylish and community driven Capricorn Evening Star Solange (with a ruling Saturn in Sagittarius) may have been holding her frustration for far too long (a trait also shared by a retro Mars). ?It is all about Queen Bey, all the time (at least as she wants to be reflected in this manner with Aries and Leo connected to her Venus Star). ?A shadow side of Leo can be a lack of tolerating any dissent or what I call a ‘mutual admiration society’. ?The elder sister could have easily and too often dismissed her sister’s concerns.

King Jay-Z born 12/4/69 has a Harmonizing Twin Star with his wife, Beyonce. ?The passionate connection of the Venus Star is exaggerated with this yin/yang balance, particularly when it is found in the identifying genders (Jay is male/yang/Morning Star & Bey is female/yin/Evening Star). ?In this world of supporting what’s comfortable to the majority, these two are a hard combination to proverbially ‘get the goods on’. ?Their Mars signs are opposing each other (Mr. Z’s is in egalitarian Aquarius, hers is in Leo). ?The commonality is their need to be seen as individual spirits, laws unto themselves. ?At their best, hopefully, they are rebels with a cause.

It seems that the helping (and possibly responsible) hand of Solange from an Evening Star Capricorn position got tired of ‘not getting her due’. ?A Capricorn Venus Star has a drive to be seen as adult and in control. ?Realize that the Venus Star Point is a 21st century phenomenon. ?This analysis has been written for those who want to create a line between passion, self-actualization and entanglement or suffering.

On a compassionate tip, it cannot be easy to be Queen Bey’s younger sister whose superego planet Saturn shares the moral space of her husband’s Sun in Sagittarius. ?The younger Knowles sister could have been standing up for her sister against her brother in law. ?Watch how she’ll be portrayed as ‘crazy’ or ‘unstable’, and that’s where the adage ‘where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire’ may not ever ring truer.

For the Venus Star Point remember it is about the creative or destructive relationship between each of interactions on the star. ?Solange was born to support creatively the process of her sister and brother in law from a position of responsibility. ?We may not ever know the whole story, but in This Week In VSP, it is important to reflect upon what passions drive all of us, especially those who captivate our collective vision.


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