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U Get a Car! The Last Day of Jupiter in Pisces

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Oprah Winfrey spoke these iconic words more than a decade ago. She is a symbol of generosity, certainly during the holiday season when she used to have a show called 'Oprah's Favorite Things'. Jupiter (whose mass is at least three times our Earth attracts energy and protects our blue green jewel from space debris) is Oprah like. Where we have more, we tend to give more aka 'paying it forward'. Now, I call Jupiter, Juprah.

With Juprah spending his last full day in his home sign of Pisces, please note how life has offered you grace. Whenever you look back on a mishap and you feel/think---'it could have been worse' or you muse about possibilities and you say 'it could be' or 'you never know', you are casting a Jupiter spell. Pisces simply adds the mystery, the spiritualists vibrations. After all, this transcendent water sign of wholeness and compassion has the key phrase of 'I believe'. You'd think the esoterically rich astrology would end with the key phrase of Aquarius, 'I know', right? Well no it does not. It ends with belief, those stories we tell ourselves. I've grown fond of saying the only way you can get a miracle is to still believe in them.

When any planet moves from Pisces to Aries, we chided into seeing our lives through the eyes of a child. Pisces in all its watery soulful glory surrenders. 'Make thy will, my will', these gentle folx muse. Like a war weary veteran of life, the battle of your soul and ego ends in Pisces. The ego must relent to something higher, deeper and broader. The spectrum of victimhood to hero must be analyzed and lived out daily. After all, these Pisces energies are adaptable and watery which means they take on the form of their chosen environments. Escapist? Yes. Driven by intangibles like faith, goodwill, belief, fantasy and dreams, but, of course. Jupiter protects, engages---and in its shadow state these last several months we have possibly been tempted with refusing to look at our flaws, duplicity or innate cynicism about everything invisible. You see, when water signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces) refuse to explore their inner worlds, they can easily become dry and brittle, lacking any real connection to themselves and others. They begin to believe in the 'lone wolf' story or the independent self-made man or woman.

Aries ain't having none of this surrendering drama to the invisible world. Aries learns how to recognize and study their origins, but it is a starting fire sign. Identity and creating a myth or story about how they've tackled demons, shadows and domineering parents or older siblings is central to their plucky nature. Even when Aries is shy, there's usually something captivating and charismatic about them. They'll 'stir it up' when need be.

Go to for practical exercises on breathing and recognizing our origins and wholeness. Look for our Jupiter in Aries pioneering energies for combining Astrology with Our Raw Material. I'm Stevie Wonder overjoyed regarding what we can create through our chosen communities through simply acknowledging our roots of how we are interconnected we all are.

Sure, there may be anger or frustration at any and/or all life's injustices. We have a penchant for pulling for the underdog be that in sports or an entire race, class or gender of people. We identify with David in the the biblical story of this soon-to-be king against giant Goliath. Whatever story manifests, Aries looks back on its past life as Pisces and says, 'I do not surrender!' I accept what can be acted upon in the present moment. I am the pioneer of my life. The main reason the Fool can behave spontaneously and defy expectations is because she/he/they have within their spirit all the lessons of interconnectedness learned from Pisces. Evolutionary growth is not linear, it occurs in a spiral. Through present moment action that challenges the status quo, history can be reprogrammed. The collective cynical clouds part and the sun shines. Imagine Nina Simone's cover of the 'Here comes the Sun'---you feel me.

So what proverbial car do you desire? Are you willing to look at your past hurts and forgive yourself and others? Can you lay down your resentments on the battlefield of life? Can you behave as an innocent child who has been hurt? It is a very different thing in life to consciously confront and embrace your shadow after being wounded than it is to live in denial. Remember when you point a finger at others, three of your fingers point back to you. Allow your personal truths to be simplified. Jupiter states that the car you get is a new vehicle in which the driver is you---freed from pasts that no longer hold power over you and your soul.

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Your writing always seems to appear at the precise moment it is needed. Thank you Quan for the magic you bring to our lives.

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