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For those of you who have been following me on Facebook, you know that I have placed a video each day showing Venus? trek into the underworld.? These eight days, the Goddess of love is not seen as the Evening Star or Morning Star.? Mayan astronomer-priests told the story that she took the body of a man for those 40 days that she was backtracking in the skies.? Those eight days where you could not see him (it is important in any transgender story to use the pronoun of the gender that the soul is choosing to present, myth or no) he mated with the souls of the dead, seeding them, as it were.? The progeny?? The shadow side of Venus, what happens to love, scorned?? Comparing the chest to waist to hip ratio at the gym?? Green eyed envy?? Or a partner who games or flirts a bit too much for your liking?? Do you take your toys and go home?? Or do you use these 40 days to love what?s lovable within you?? Do you realize within your body and soul to know and feel what makes you uniquely you, apart from the others?? If not, why not?? After all, a retrograde Venus is likened to an excursion you did not plan on with otherworldly Pluto?


A smattering of Scorpions (we live there, so we have to plan our trips away from its intensity, mostly occurs at the beginning of newly formed relationships), some brave ass Aries (not ever willing to back down from a challenge), miscellaneous Leos who have been orphaned (or looking for more complexity in their lives), Sagittarians up for adventure (or reminiscing about living more on the edge), THC driven Aquarians who need a second trip cause they were so stoned the first time, Capricorns who are looking to regain their integrity, Librans who are tired of masturbating to their own reflections even when they are having sex, Virgos who know their purity can be an introjected shame of worn out hackneyed values, Cancers who love to explore more and more depths, Geminis who are simply curious about the quality of sex versus the quality thereof, Taurus because moths get drawn to the flame of the death of mortality, and did I leave any one out, oh, Pisces, simply because who would be willing to take a trek to Marianna?s reef knowingly without any of their manipulative siren calls (I suppose manipulative and siren are shockingly redundant, like a Klingon?s organ matrix?! Trekkies know that Klingons have redundant organs.)

Bottom line: a passionate life requires an underworldly trek with the lord of the dead, Pluto.? And, now with the Venus Star Point making her way into our consciousness, we are all becoming aware of how we hold both yang (masculine) and yin (feminine) energies.? It is too simple (and it lets you off any evolutionary hooks) to live like ?Men are from Mars and women are from Venus?.? It is beyond time for each of us to take responsibility for our inner spirit (animus, Latin) for women and inner soul (anima, Latin) for men.? The Venus Star gives us a place to transcend our binary heterosexual gender roles because there are no oppositions on this pentagram.

All Evening Stars carry the yin, lover, and receptive side of Venus.? All Morning Stars embody the yang, warrior, and assertive side of this complex goddess of love.

  1. Yang signs are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius

  2. Yin signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces

So if you are Evening Star Aquarius you are a combination of the yin through your Evening Star status, but yang through the sign of Aquarius. ?Morning Star (yang), Scorpio (yin). ?Evening Star (yin) and Cancer (yin). ?Or Morning Star (yang) and Aries (yang). ?You can see what could happen when you are in female body and a Morning Star Aries, you could easily stir up other’s people passions (and anger) when you are not focused on or are unconscious about what bring you joy. ?Or a male who is Evening Star Virgo could easily project his passion for perfection onto everyone he meets so that no one measures up, while being unhealthy and unkempt.

The Venus Star Point system is only four years old. ?Allow yourself time to embrace and understand each of its concepts.

Meanwhile check out this video on the Morning Star (yang) and Lucifer (Light bearer).

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