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There is a loudness that can be heard even in forests with no people and falling trees.

Our collective psyches are pining for instant and authentic, no what the cost.

Even today as I write this, the Moon (our comfort zone imprinted from early and past lives) is being challenged by Uranus (disruptive, paradigm buster and all around goad) from security driven signs of Scorpio and Taurus.

Our suspiciousness and paranoia oozes from the current Moon in Scorpio. ?However, rabble rouser Uranus in Taurus ain?t having any of it. Transparency, sharing what you have, knowing what you?re worth matters. ?A new economy, be it gig or communal is upon us whether we like it or not. Manifest destiny and the American Dream are dead. Your destiny exists inside yourself, like a nuanced masturbator that uses different internal visual stimuli along with a vibrator and strokes. ?Hey, it is alleged that Taurus Janet Jackson gave vibrators to her dance crew. A major point of Uranus (electronics/tech) in pleasure seeking Taurus is an open and honest conversation about pleasure.

In these politically uncertain times, it is now EXTREMELY important to smell the roses, to know (Uranus) and physically experience (Taurus) what floats your boat. ?Timothy Leary?s mantra of ?turn on, tune in, drop out? has rarely rung truer. ?Turn down for what?? is a more modern adaptation. Why live less? How do you live out loud? ?Is not the humility of Earth Mother Taurus there to give us the practical tools to enjoy the first possession she gave to us…our physical bodies?

Use today and tomorrow to turn on (knowing how you like it is a Taurus goal), tune in (shared pleasures are a Scorpio goal) and to drop out means not allowing larger distractions from the first two directives to turn on and tune in. ?Both Taurus and Scorpio love love, although they?ll be loathe to admit just how much. But, take if from this Scorpio raised by two Tauri and is the father of one, love is all around ala Mary Tyler Moore, there is no need to take it…you (we) are gonna make it after all. ?To drop out from the external madness means we must learn to look for our manifest destiny within our souls. Drop into your soul and witness the wonders of living in conscientiously small ways. Uranus brings genius; Taurus brings simple pleasures. Relearn your five senses. ?It will make the difference between expressing your genius effectively or being right, yet elitist…or even worse mad and repellant.

Call to Action:

Know your Venus Star aka Your Personal Passion Point?

Where is Scorpio on it?

This weekend can be a precursor for the weekend of October 27, learn how…

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