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Updated: Aug 14, 2023

If it were a snake, it would've bitten me. The answers are normally right in front of you.? Who knew that your DNA carried these answers?? The 64 amino acids aka codons match up to the ancient Chinese oracle called the I Ching or Book of Changes.? The I Ching is more than 2000 years old.? It has 64 hexagrams or verses.? I call them Connections. The intersectionality of the Chinese (Eastern) and American (Western) join here, elevate each here and worships here.? (Worship, as in, places a high and whole-y value upon, here).

Mesoamerican (Maya) have a delightful tale of transcendence of ego, gender, value and interpersonal relationships connected to the movements of the Goddess of Love. In her Italian incarnation, she is called Venus. Greece, she prefers Aphrodite Urania or Hesperus, Evening or Morning Star.? In West Africa, she spreads her divine elixir (honey) in the guise of Oshun. Whatever She calls herself, in her 584 day cycle, for at least 40 days She is earth bound, walks the earth in the form of a man.

Venus is exalted in the sign of the fishes, Pisces. Exaltation is an old school astrological concept (could make a strong argument that astrology is 'old school, but I will let it slide).? Based on each sign having 'rulers' or 'guardians', a planet in its exalted sign can access the source of its power. Similar to Amino Acid Protocol, when you take a supplement, you are activating the source or original self. Imagine each time you take an amino acid and you contemplate what your purpose is in relationship to it, you return to the Tao, God/Higher Self/Goddess, however you term that whole original you.

What you were made to do, which role you were born to perform, these center around the study of DNA and your ability to do something about it. To live a spiritual life of personal responsibility, sloughing off the need to project your authority and, more importantly, your innate divinity onto anything or anyone outside yourself. If you can't act on what you are feeling, wait, contemplate which of your choices got you to this now, and then choose a new now. When you possess unconditional love for yourself, you have that love to offer to others.

A couple of thousand years ago, approximately 500 years after the I Ching was revealed, created and recognized, there was a human who allegedly said, I'll make your fishermen of men". He, according to accounts, was 'God made flesh'. Again, the Mayan story speaks to Venus in Evening Star phase appearing to stop in the sky to move backwards. All retrograde planets have a 12th house or Piscean influence. The stopping degree is a marker, a potential new beginning. New beginning and markers are recognized by zero degree of Aries. As the planet appears to move backwards, it moves from the 1st house or Aries back into the 12th house or Pisces. (Remember everything in these symbolic systems connect to each other, hence the whole oneness thing.)

Venus in her retrograde phase represents the Goddess made flesh (I, not so secretly, love that it is the Goddess made flesh, not some detached off-planet Old Testament Deity). Having taken a vow of chastity (Aphrodite Apostrophia, She Who Turns Away) and in the male body, She walks the earth within his human form (talking about placing yourself in another's shoes). The six weeks we can turn away from whom or what we once valued or worshipped. There is a divine discontent in the atmosphere, an unsettling element, an opening up to a new phase of looking at and living out our lives.

No sign knows a divine funk better than Pisces (or as my Virgo grandfather used to say, "I can't do that, and I can't do that, either", Virgo and Pisces exist on the same axis of divine discontent). The physical world in all its inherent imperfections just doesn't measure up. And, in the case of Venus Retrograde or the Goddess living through a man, size does matter---in Leo, it the size of heart that matters. Everything matters. You cannot transcend matter if you are not in touch with what and who matters. And, after transcendence, comes integration and co-existence.? Being in the realm of Venus, relationships tell the story of how her el camino (passage) will come to pass.

Nick Dagan Best, a consummate astrologer's astrologer, states that during Venus Retrograde we can have 'triumph or tragedy'. Intervening Spirit takes their supplements at these moments.? The precise value that you've judged others can be visited upon you.? In a very real sense, Pisces can be complex gumbo of unfinished business, that mixture of desire and disillusionment. When emotional openness and authenticity in the context of shared power within relationships is not learned in the previous water sign of Scorpio, Pisces (and by extension Venus Retrograde) is hired out as the visiting professor. What Pisces teaches is surrender, compassion and redemption. The more rigid you are, the larger the unrequited love takes its toll on your belief in love. One of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, illusion to rid yourself of is, romantic love.

Richard Rudd, author of Gene Keys, speaks about humanity is at a time comparable to Sleeping Beauty awakening. Morning Star Venus (and certainly those souls who have Venus retrograde natally or by progression) carry a transgender gene. There is no 'o' or 'a' for Venus retro folk (Romance Language Spanish designates words that end in 'o'-masculine, 'a'-feminine), there is only 'x'.

'X' gives space to those who do not identify or express their gender in a binary. Non-binary, Trans or Queer exists within all Morning Star souls and in a more concentrated way, Venus Retrograde individuals. These people are genetically engineered to ask, "Do these societal values or cultural mores have personal meaning in my life"? While an Evening Star Venus asks "How may I benefit from these societal values or cultural mores"?

It is a relative point, but both stars or faces of Venus seek out to compare and contrast self with an 'other' (whether that other is internally held meaning, as in Morning Stars or the other is with one's partner is less relevant). What becomes relevant is stopping to ask the question what whose lives really matter (and, oh, hell yeah, pun intended, if you thought, ?Black Lives Matter, hooray 4 U!)

These days Venus/Aphrodite inspires us to live an ethical life. When living from an ethical center our equilibrium is energetic evident. If we choose non-monogamy, then it is Ethical Non Monogamy---all lovers/party know and agree upon relational terms.

How do you walk with love?? How do you embody love?? What does it mean to be divinity made flesh? How can we live and practice Christ Consciousness?? How do this consciousness intersect with a love of nature and all beings?? How can we as a collective begin to live and love our neighbors as ourselves?? Be they neighbors on our city streets or neighboring countries?? How long will it take for us to grow the eff up?

All You Need Is Love:? Libra's return journey to Self

Libra provides a civilizing effect upon relationships. Through a willingness to look through another's eyes, to peer from their perspective takes courage. It is a courageous act to employ the virtue of empathy. Libra, best known for its scales, is learning to balance the ego to the other.? That other can be a lover, business partner, close friend or an ideal.? Yes, to harmonize ideals and reality can be quite a feat. To harmonize individual human beings and divine sources can be the height of hubris. Or is it?

When was the last time you set foot in a church? And, when did you accept wholesale what was said inside the church? When have you allowed for 'tone' versus actual 'substance'? Can you remember a time where you contemplated your spirituality, however, you were really living in your daily life, not an abstraction? Understand that over the last 2000 years those who practice spirituality no longer live on the margins of our society.? We live within our chosen communities (and when there are a number of line 6 in your Human Design, you are a designated 'Role Model').

Libra represents the Intersectionality of Ideals and Reality or Male and Female.? Intersectionality is a feminist concept of the overlapping of identity and oppressions.? Black women have an intersectional relationship between race and gender.? Latinx individuals may have race and gender, however, also another intersection of identifying or expressing non-binary.

To be continued

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