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Venus Falls Down In Virgo till Nov 8 2023

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

This past weekend it feels very much like what some organized Christian religions call ‘the end of days’. It’s been almost 50 years since Israel has been officially at war. It’s been 75 years since Israel was established on occupied land. Whatever your feelings are on this conflict, know this: we are experiencing a transformation of consciousness. As we grow to perceive our basic interconnectedness, we accept and transcend our tribal, national and racial divisions. Some await on a rapture. Some become terrorists. Others look around the world and feel like there is no hope. I’ve had friends, colleagues and family members ask me to discuss Hamas and Israel. With a heavy and cautious heart, here it is.

This past weekend Mars (war/separating energies) was challenged by Pluto (collective power/long held resentments) from Libra to Capricorn. Pluto was stationary direct at the last degrees of Capricorn (turning up his volume). To make matters more intense, Mars returns to Scorpio on October 11/12. When these two extreme forces come together in signs that are all over creating harmony (Libra) or discouraging disharmony (Capricorn), Venus becomes a major arbiter of how these forces can be cooled down.

It is said in old school astrological language that Venus is in her fall in Virgo. It might be called ‘detriment’. Whatever. Our Pisces Age is ending. The ‘I believe’ in original sin and tribal hierarchies based upon artificial lines in the proverbial sand are over. A favorite analogy of mine about our transformation on Earth at this time is a pregnant woman going through labor pains. Imagine which part of her body are you? Hamas and Israel would be dilating Gaia’s cervix (with Hamas/Biden/Trump/Netanyahu measuring how many centimeters, yes?) For contrast, if you’re posting on social media everyday, you’re probably the rheumatic breathing (or not) of Gaia as she gives birth to the Aquarian Age.

Each Astrological age lasts approximately 2160 years. They move backwards in the circle of animals. Precession of the equinoxes explained and More astrologically focused info.

Aquarius precedes Pisces. As we cusp/transition from religious (possible delusional) Pisces to secular (possible nationalistic) Aquarius, our collective reality is being broken down. Realize that we cannot understand these larger cycles without considering the signs that carry their shadows. Virgo carries the shadow of Pisces, Leo does the same for Aquarius.

These next 31 days of Venus (The Harmonizer) in Virgo matter much to our ridding ourselves of the Pisces Age baggage.

Virgo is a sign of discernment. Pragmatic, purposeful, cautious and compartmentalizing, that’s the Virgin. It is also one of the human signs on the circle of animals aka the zodiac. That’s where a spark of hope resides. As Virgo seeks wholeness through Pisces, she can pass these energies of being our ‘neighbors’ keeper’ to other human sign of Aquarius. The Water Bearer holds the emotional memory, our collective history---colloquially known as ‘if you don’t stand for something, you’re likely to fall for anything’. Water contains our memory, our tribal senses. Humph, those shoulders upon which we stand and those villages that raise our children, these are Aquarian sentiments. Venus reminds us that blood forms one relationship, but those we choose are often more conscious and adult. Virgo and Aquarius bring the energy of every individual to performing a specific function within our chosen communities.

What can you do?

As we transition from Food to Ignorance Week in Our Raw Material this upcoming weekend of October 14, pay particular attention to how you ingest information about Hamas and Israel.

From our soul’s perspective Food Week centers around our nurturing---how our minds are formed from the conditions of our childhood development. Those beginnings set up where we experience abundance and lack in our lives, giving us a chance to clearly see the roots of our personal triggers and the ‘structure’ that ‘holds’ our belief systems.

Imagine that these larger conflicts on our planet reflect each individual’s internal conflict between ego (me, mine, my interest) and soul (we, us, our interests)

Questions for contemplation:

Do you have any friends who are Jewish and/or Palestinian? Have you asked them for their perspective? How many examples are there from US, European, South African history regarding oppressors and colonizers? How can we all see the whole picture of these conflicts from multiple rooted aka soulful perspectives instead of a binary? What does your ego feel about these conflicts? What does your soul feel? What would it feel like if you couldn’t move freely around your neighborhood, community or town? Where in your family/ethnicity/racial is there a metaphorical Hamas and Israeli? Columbus or indigenous people? Look in your own life---where do you have long standing resentments? How do you see people who are different from you---be they LGBTQ+, race, gender, religion, etc? Do you lock your car door? What are your thoughts and feelings? Where are there conflicts between what you feel and what you do or say? Where do you feel imprisoned? Work? Relationships? Health?

Yesterday (10/9) Venus in Virgo was opposite Saturn in Pisces--lack of understanding, love and feeling alienated from workable ideals. Until the Libran New Moon, we all may acutely feelI what is not there--classic glass is half empty. It would behoove all of us to remember some folx don’t have a glass, water or the time to analyze its contents or container.

Sunday 10/15 Venus and Moon come together in an intellectual aspect of analyzing what’s missing, but with a vulnerability to ask for support from others. This sets the tone for mid-week to bring an excess of goodwill with measured intentions for healing and wholeness…a conscious sacrifice given freely smooths many roads and broken hearts. The Second Quarter Moon on Saturday (10/21) evening with an Aquarius Moon can aid the world (or your own community) coming together for a higher ideal of a better future for all. At the very least shine a light on the extremists on both sides. Indifference of those in middle can be problematic in any war to peace process.

Leading up to Halloween Venus in Virgo aligns playfully with Uranus in Taurus. If we’ve been creating our values and spending time through be proactive, then this late October can bring some unexpected (and welcomed) news. Saturn (a tempering force on Venus) moves forward on November 4. In mystical Pisces, he builds upon intangible assets of goodwill, grace and charity. Let’s concentrate on how Venus in Virgo unifies and magnifies our adulting aspects of our collective selves, yes?

Whenever you consider these ongoing conflicts on a micro or macro level, please offer loving kindness to yourself and others. Guilt and shame are invalid from a Cosmic or soul viewpoint. These are agents of our shadow which feeds upon unexamined beliefs and triggers usually instilled by our Mentors/Tormentors. Religion and any outside authority figures or institutions can fall into this category. Warrior Mars throughout the next several moves through Scorpio inciting us to look inside to locate our wounds and fear of losing control (He will be in psychologically driven Scorpio from October 11/12 until November 24, 2023)

These are interesting times (a Chinese curse is ‘may you live in interesting times’) Venus in Virgo gives us all the potential to live from our submission shared ideals, that is, what we have in common and our daily willingness to work on our relationship. This work becomes so much a part of our heart (learned from the preceding sign of Leo) that it is a joy to look forward to ask a fundamental Virgo question all the time: ‘How was your day?’.

As our universe speaks through synchronicities here is a tune that brings a focus home---

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