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The Goddess of Love aka Venus/Aphrodite has at least several phases. ?Warrior and lover are becoming well known. Now that she treks through individualistic Aries until March 30, 2018, we have our marching orders: ?Stay present and focused. Accept feedback when it?s constructive, ignore it when it?s dampening your spirit.

Aries is a ?do your own thing? process. ?Venus?s concern for what others think (and in her Evening Star phase until October 25, 2018 in conforming Capricorn highlights this predisposition. ?Locating and living with the sweet spot of self-direction and affirmation aligned to cooperation and consensus building is what these next weeks will be about.

We awakened to Saturn squaring (challenging) Venus this morning. ?Instead of getting bogged down in self-worth internal dramas (based upon past betrayals and potential ostracizing), I went through some old mail and de-cluttered a table or two. ?It is important in a pre-retrograde Mercury (March 22 – April 15) to keep your energies moving. Venus/Saturn can have you thinking about what you have lacked, are lacking or will lack. ?Saturn in Capricorn demands responsibility for every action. Venus in Aries wants change now!

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