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Voices Heard--Overcoming Fear

We might as well as a planet be in the Southern United States approximately 60 years ago. Black, female, queer and/or poor with German Shephards and hoses attacking us. What and how we gon overcome? Through making our voices of peace heard---enter Celeste

Every morning focus upon the peace you want to see in the world. Energy follows thought. Action follows aligned intention.

Zellenskyy, President (and former comic) of Ukraine, has stated to be a leader of the world, you must be a leader for peace. He has the Sun (radiator of consciousness & love, yep, it's that simple and raw) sharing space with the Goddess of Love & Harmony, Venus---in Aquarius. He is leading us into a world where Jupiter is aligned with Mars with the Moon in the seventh house of sharing equality.


Let's the voices of The Fifth Dimension be heard--a little camp, hurts no one, yes?

'Letting our sunshine in'- is a visionary statement to live from an authentically heartfelt intention. If it weren't for the concentrated vision of peaceful non-resistance of our Black American ancestors (amongst others) who knows where this perfectly flawed country would be? Heaven only knows and She's mostly speaking through agents of Wholeness and peace. (Week 12 Wholeness of Our Raw Material


In Political Astrology (yep, that's a thing too) Venus connects us to diplomacy within nations. Higher and deeper laws that govern every living being who choose to speak definitively concentrating upon reciprocity. It's not a material transactional exchange. It's the exchange of intangible assets of goodwill and trust between beings where love underscores all actions. It's a Jupiter (everyone getting a car) Aligning with Mars (peace or war). What are your intentions behind war? To hurt anyone else Mars wins in fostering the belief that we are separate souls in the first place. Enter Venus onto the world stage.

However with intersectional Venus in her Warrior and Lover phases, the struggle (war) has little meaning---and hope for resolution. We end with a history that raps over the same tired beats that supports a patriarchal system that is not aligned to anything but greed and toxic and paranoid male dominance. Mars at His collective worst!

Love is not a losing game---especially when you have leaders and common folx (Aquarius Age Alert) conceratrqing and acting from peaceful and wholistic motivations. When you focus and resign yourself to love leading to losing, you plant and water the seeds of your own self-destruction (and those connected to you).

Imagine that the last two thousand plus years of delusional 'born in original sin' (which has the seeds of resignation rooted within this mistaken belief) is ending right before our eyes. Everyone is going through their own 'dark night of the soul'---it takes light (aka consciousness & love) to dispel darkness and our fears. We can learn to have war no more.

Try this on for size---'it is not we shall overcome'---it's 'we are overcoming in every moment we look for our self-perpetrating light within our interconnected souls'.

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As a human, life is short. I must strive for a wider scope. To see the eternal in the moment.

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