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How To Handle Mercury?s Return to Libra Friday Oct 10 through November 8, 2014

As Mercury moves back into Libra, it is important to lighten up to consider all perspectives.? Sometimes, Scorpio?s intense energies can cause an internalized shame, be that of the slut, race or other oppressed variety.? Scorpio represents the feminine or yin energies at their darkest point.? During this season, we must face the end of our egocentric attachments.

I?m writing this on a flight from Nashville to LaGuardia to present at a Venus Star Workshop.? It was Leo I was thinking about as the woman next to me has the attributes of a healthy heart centered (and center of summer) fire sign.? The Waiting to Exhale meme showed in my consciousness as she is traveling with six or so other women.? Their closest of spirit and joie de vive is palpable.? I wondered how these doubly oppressed women move through the world without feeling some of the shame that society projects onto them.? Then Whitney and Angela (Bassett) both Leos popped into my mind?s eye.? Oppressed folk survive (and yes, even thrive) when we can exhale.? Whenever I feel accepted for simply being(not magical, not exceptional, not different), I exhale.? And, this weekend in Sag Harbor, I exhale and concentrate on having Lakshemi as my deity of fortunate blessings.

Let?s Air It Out (Libra, Aquarius & Gemini)

Mercury reminds us in Libra to pause, to learn and discern the difference between ?waiting to exhale? and ?waiting to be judged?.? An exhalation is a letting down of your hair, so to speak, an authentic and soulful recognition between two beings.? The expectation of judgment, so prevalent in those who are members of oppressed groups or who consciously ally which such people, sets up a frozen dynamic based on past wounds that have not found the light of day to be healed.

Gemini and Libra are compatible air signs.? Driven to find like-minded goals and ideas, even when they look as if they are in heated discussion, it is best for their be some disagreements in order to reach a deeper harmony.? I have a rule of thumb with each of the mentally focused air signs (Aquarius included) that too much agreement usually means someone?s not being fully honest (usually because of a lack of introspection or not making the time to do so.

Librans are called over the next four weeks to put into action (particularly when Mercury begins to move again on October 25) those ideas that simply won?t go away.? Partnership is usually indicated for Libran individuals, learning how to build consensus takes on a definite karmic dimension because the North Node of the Moon is also in Libra.? During this return to the sign of justice, Mercury will be less than 11 degrees away from the evolutionary nodal axis.? Our souls are guiding us through what seems to be coincidental, but Aquarius knows this is not true.? There is a higher purpose even when you cannot see it.

Bohemian Rhapsody (Nothing Really Matters?Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)

Virgo may have a tougher time determine not only ?where is the money?? but what is the important of gaining the whole world to lose your soul?? Biblical reference aside, it is important for the sign of the Virgin to realize where their true treasure resides.? Helping them is their sister sign of Scorpio and the next Venus Star Point is Evening Star (communal/reflective) in Scorpio.? Please note our ?minds seek freedom and when Mercury takes a second sojourn in the underworldly waters of Scorpio leaving worries and unhealthy attachments behind can be a revolutionary act.

Taurus adores the messenger spirit in light hearted and attractive Libra.? When the world seems to coarse and rude, the bull looks for shelter in this sign that begins the season of fall.? Granted these two neutral signs are guarded by loving Venus, so there is a warning of superciality and exploitation (under the guise of it is for your own good).? However, once Mercury sits again in opposing sign of Scorpio the karmic scales will balance Taurus? greed.? After all, the last two years, pragmatic Saturn in his role of integrity inspector has been putting Taurus through the ringer, or better put, its values to the test.? Self or sharing?? Holding on or taking risks?? Quality or quantity?? Relationship work has been center stage for you.

The three of the earth signs, Capricorn has been going through a once in a lifetime transformation since 2008, the early you were born in the sign the more likely you?re forever transformed.? Those born between December 31 to January Sixth have the most on the line.? Your essential self has to be brought up to surface for conscious review.? Still clueless?? Look to each sacred cow, each institution that you hold in high esteem (people included).? How has your relationships changed?? How have you come to know what truly matters in your life and how you spend your time and with whom?

What A Feelin?! (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces)

The emotionally charged water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces during these four weeks of Mercury in Libra are learning how to analyze their instincts.? To cast a bit of detached observation of what triggers reactions would be incredibly beneficial.? Cancer has the toughest time with this detachment, and Libra is one of their most challenging signs.? Libra can be as neutral as Cancer is as personally involved. Mercury at this time is teacher moon children to ?sleep on it?, to reflect quietly about their flow.? When in doubt, know that the evolution is an internal one.? The eclipses occur in justice seeking Libra, and she is blind to the emotive and personal. ??However, this is exactly what the universe is ordering for Cancer, a break from the ebb and flow.? It may not be as exciting, but no worries, November will deliver more drama.

Scorpio is learning that it?s all service all the time.? Even in private thoughts, these desert arachnids can heal others.? Remote viewing has been used by our own military, and many Reiki healers do remote healing.? These four weeks are tailor made for Scorpions who delight in taking the higher roads.? Remember stars shine brightest at night.? There is a distinct possibility that these mid fall beings can resurrect a part of their innocence, a trusting in the benign nature of the universe.

Pisces would perhaps have a couple of challenges particularly in area of shared resources, all sharing.? Joining with Taurus would be advised.? Left to their own devices, the fish folk have tendency to emotional extremism.? It?s either all about them or all about the other (and that other can be pretty otherworldly sometimes, can I get a bride of Christ up in this church?).? Even though Libran wisdom sits squarely on the Delphic principles of knowing self and moderate behaviors, it would behoove Pisces to get beyond believing that they know better than the physical plane and its limitations.

Searching For Inspiration Within:? Aries, Leo & Sag

It all begins in the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, except from Mercury?s perspective.? These next four weeks ask, even demand more than just a passing thought or musing about what other folk need.? No laughing off the harmful behavior that was not intended.? Take ownership.? Learn to live the difference between impact and action.? Aries may have the most initial difficulty with these planetary implications, however, once they get the reason why and see the results; they get on with the business of living an authentic life in the present moment.? Until October 26, Mars is in Sagittarius anointed Aries people with long term vision and aspirational musings.? After that, these children of Mars must get to work, as the executive they were born to be.? Leo must watch for unnecessary restlessness brought on by excessive caution.

Leo, your mind is on fire, match your ideas with your heart centered nature.? Roar, when you feel like you?re not being heard.? Let duality dissolve into a fullness of self-expression.? Sag, watch out for extremes in action not based on some planning.? You could easily burn out through being over enthusiastic and driven.? Share your successes.? Resist being too much of a hermit.

Let?s look to the fire element to provide all of us with vision to act upon our most authentic impulses.? Let Libra help you balance ego and soul, instinct and connection, lower and higher.

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