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This afternoon the Moon is in Aries and she aligns with Jupiter in Leo. ?Give yourself a break from the incessant retracing and reevaluations of your thought patterns brought to you our first Mercury retrograde of 2015. ?The god of contracts, communication,?trade, business and machinery, Mercury, is sitting prettily in Aquarius for 10 weeks (January 4 through March 12).

Today is an excellent day to look towards your future visions and aspirations. ?Let the Mercury review give your mind a focused attention of what community really means to you. ?Faith without works is dead (or so a ‘good book’ says). ?Look within and look objectively regarding which internal biases your carry against those who are an ‘other’. ?Othering occurs through gender, race, class, orientation, creed, etc…

Mercury for these 10 weeks wants you to let down your intellectual guards and accept us all as human beings, not doing the work of outmoded traditions and ways of thinking.

Mercury goes direct on February 11, get your groove on through being the authentic human being you were born to be!

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