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What Do I Need To Feel?? Cancer New Moon 2014

Since an overview presentation I gave in January, I made a pact with myself to drink all the water I was served in restaurants.? In the interest of the value of water (and, I have more planetary teachers in that element than any other), I vowed to waste none.? It is not as easy as you might think.? If we?ve ever had the pleasure of eating dinner together, conversation tends to flow (no pun intended).? Good servers tend to keep the water glasses full, and when fully present with my company it has taken some discipline to maintain an amount that I can realistically finish.

Cancer is a starting water sign; it knows the source of creation.? Where do you seek source energies?

This soulful sign exalts in having those personal stories of intimate connections. From womb to tomb, Cancer feels.? No sign has such a sensitive script to read and live.? Friday?s New Moon has an almost exact trine (supportive angle of 120 degrees) to Neptune.? The god of the oceans, discovered in 1846, has a special relationship to this sign that begins summer in the Northern Hemisphere.? As a major symbol of the love that emanates from our souls, Neptune is aligned to Cancer from changeable Pisces; this New Moon has all the markers of contrition, forgiveness and redemption.

Let it flow through letting it go.

If our souls can act as our personal history keepers, it is important to use Neptune?s power to emphasize the love.? This is not any ol? kind of love we see in movies or hear on Spotify.? This love finds its source in the absolute, unconditional and immense variety.? This love is not love that says ?cease speaking from your heart? or ?we?ve heard enough from you, let someone else speak? or ?edit, repress and suppress your life?.? (Actually, I had a middle aged Pisces female say that to me at a birthday dinner when I spoke about an experience of how I learned the difference between tolerance and acceptance for my own father.? Her judgmental and callous statement invoked me to have more compassion for her four daughters.)

Realize that our Sun signs represent what our spirits decided to perfect in this life.? In other words, water signs must speak the language of soul.? Cancer obtains its soulful union from sourcing it from their family of origins.? Scorpio locates soul through life?s mysteries of loss and gain usually in the interpersonal realm.? And, last but not least, Pisces? soul usually falls upon it through cyclic circumstances brought on through attempting to escape the physical plane instead of realizing that all of the planes of existence are ONE.

How does this Cancer/Pisces Flow Affect You?

If you know your rising sign, read that paragraph too.?

VSV is your personal Venus Star Verse for contemplation.

Cancer:? Lovely.? You?ll feel bliss in direct proportion to the ownership of your life.? No blaming the victim is allowed here because like nobody puts ?Baby? in the corner, you are NOT a victim to anything.? Assertive and direct Mars has been defending your right to be and to feel since last December.? Good work occurs through putting those closest others in their place, even if you do it through non-engagement—that?s better than being fake and insincere.? It is time to dream loftier dreams.? Your VSV is #1, The Creative.? You are in an immensely assertive and clear time.? Like Funny or Die, inspire or die.

Leo:? You feel an undertow of every person?s needs.? Dive in, the water?s refreshing.? No?? Then look in the mirror and figure out if you?re expecting us to anticipate your emotional needs without your communicating what those are.? No judgment allowed, unless it is of the compassionate variety.? The month before your birthday every year demands honest spiritual self-reflection.? Are you presenting yourself authentically or have you been playing a role from which you?d best retreat?? Your VSV is #9.? It is called The Taming Power of the Small.? The proverbial ?devil in the details? has rarely rang truer for you proud lions.? Growl, but please do not bite.

Virgo:? You know you need space.? Imagine your life is a trailer in park overlooking your favorite body of water.? Choose the double wide, why don?t you?? It is not where you are or what you own; it is the company you keep.? Those who love you—stretch and challenge you.? Too easily you can compartmentalize and sure enough your left hand doesn?t know what your right hand is doing.? Come out of any and all closets.? Oh, you straight folk and your heteronormative mutual admiration societies can be fearful of letting your quirky and queer sides show outside the ?normal?.? Admit one ?embarrassing? thing for the next week.? Surprise us, hell, and surprise yourself!? Your VSV is # 5 entitled Calculated Waiting.? The force of the multiverses is at work, it is out of your control.? Relax and replenish, be merry and fun.

Libra:? You?ll be thrust into being the center of attention whether you like it or not.? Your life can be summed up through the ancient Delphi oracle.? ?Know thyself? and ?everything in moderation?, that?s enough.? Cancer season makes you feel that you want to feel more, but at whose expense?? Let go of outworn thoughts and values.? Become the model citizen you know you are.? Your VSV is # 43 Resolution.? I like to add a ?u?, so the word becomes resoulution.? It is a ?soul? thing.? You live from your essential self, warts and all.? We feel it; we join with you.? It?s your magnetic thing to do.

Scorpio:? C?mon in, the water is pure and healing.? After the last four months, you need a reprieve.? There?s a governor of spirit offering you clemency.? Lose the pride and the backward gazing, and graciously accept what?s being offered.? Oh, you have to lose some of your trademark control, huh?? You didn?t have it in the first place.? You do realize that larger forces than you can imagine are at work, no?? Your VSV is #14.? This verse translates as ?Possession in Great Measure?.? Like your sibling sign of Aries, you have to be a good winner.? Your gentleness is what attracts lots of goodies; your desire to share charms the intransigent birds out of their skeptical trees.

Sagittarius:? You adore Cancer energies.? Their vulnerabilities make your blood flow into pleasurable places.? However, with Neptune dissolving what you thought you knew about your family of origin, you feel like you?re on shaky ground.? From the ego?s perspective, that?s a fair assessment.? Yet, from the eyes of your higher self aka soul, you are moving away from those wounded stories you repeatedly tell yourself and others.? Your VSV is # 34 called Great Power.? Release any neurotic self-depreciation.? Fully shine in your personal power.? Your wild spirit is needed at this time and in your chosen communities.

Capricorn:? You must (yep, I?m demanding this of you) live from the point of view that the spiritual and material worlds are one world.? It?s not from a fake gushy place, but from a realization that everything and everyone connects, even when you cannot see it.? It?s more than recognizing when the clock strikes 11:11.? It is living from a motivation to make, keep and secure peaceful relations.? No one knows what role everyone can play in our communities better than you (well, Aquarians give you a run for your money on this score).? Your VSV is #26 or Mountain over Heaven.? Entitled Potential Energy.? All of creation contained within the majesty of a mountain.? That?s your image for the next three weeks.

Aquarius:? Read Capricorn first.? I?ll wait.? Done?? Bueno.? As you like to bend the rules before they break, I?ll start with your VSV.? It?s #11.? Peace.? It is said that Earth over Heaven symbolizes the massive force in which these two meet that they change positions.? It?s the prayer many were taught to pray, ?let your will take place on heaven as it is on earth?.? Shift perspectives.? Leave the expectation of the negative inside your mind.? Resist the temptation to give voice to it.? You?re coming up on an exceptional time.? You?ve got to know this within your mind first or it may pass you by.

Pisces:? Since February 2012, your shape-shifter of a ruler, Neptune, has been in your sign.? You know you are being irrevocably altered.? From what into what?? Dunno know.? What I can say is that you have about as much control as if you were in a cocoon.? Let these mysterious processes do their do.? Trust and surrender are energy forces that can create your reality.? Your VSV is #34 Great Power.? Like Sag, you read from an aspirational script.? To downplay the mutual effects in your intimate relationships harms all with whom you contact.? Own and recognize your power.? I said power, not control.

Aries:? Feel like you?ve bottomed out?? No, you have not, you?re simply seeking your own level.? As a starting fire sign, you can easily tell yourself that you?ve got to get going, you?ve got to be tough.? Cancer season whispers that you soften and engage.? In order to engage you?ve got to listen to what?s being said, not what you think you want to be said.? Breathe and sigh.? Repeat.? Your VSV is #14, like your martial sibling, Scorpio.? You can either focus on what other?s envy about you or you can share from your large heart and equally large brain.? The choice is yours; it has been for a long, long time.

Taurus:? Secretly, you nurture random and wild thoughts.? Underneath your controlled (and sometimes overly repressed) exterior, you want to run with the wolves under a full moon.? Begin to have these more revealing conversations; you won?t regret having done so.? You have an incredibly sensual side that must be explored and shared.? Cook the foods you enjoy eating and having served to you.? Your VSV is #43.? Like your Venusian sibling, Libra, you have to allow your soul to resonate in all of your interactions, public and private.? Get off the couch; participate in activities that your stubborn self has been resistant to for much too long.

Gemini:? Your self-worth takes a beating each time Mercury goes retrograde.? That?s your story and you?re sticking to it, huh?? Well, the little communicative bugger begins to move this Tuesday.? Use these next couple of days to imagine precisely which people you?d welcome a bumping into, as it were.? Your VSV is #5 Calculated Waiting.? Resist the temptation to think that if you cannot physically move, you have no options.? Make like an introvert and create whole worlds within your mind.? If already introverted, strike up an unexpected conversation with ?stranger?.? Imagine that your observational skills are so finely tuned that what you make up about an ?other? is spot on.? Read Virgo?s paragraph too.

Sometimes I have conflicts about writing to each sign like I?ve just done.? When conflicted, realize that Neptune or Mercury retrograde affects us all in different degrees.? Just because you might have been born in the pragmatic Capricorn season of starting winter does not mean you are destined to overlook the subtle energy language that the planets speak.? Planets, meaning ?wanderers? in Greek, inspire us and Facebook poke, they do not compel or demand.

If you celebrate our nation?s birth, have a happy Fourth of July.

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