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What’s Wrong With Kevin?

Unless you?ve been under a rock and unplugged, the news has been saturated with Hollywood and the casting couch of privileged, white men taking advantage of those who desire fame (which like love is a drug). It was not until the totally botched ?coming out? of Kevin Spacey that I became increasingly interested. This blog offers an astrological perspective using the Venus Star Point (which I call the Personal Passion Point), Saturn (planet that enacts the rule of law which includes karma) and our current transit of Jupiter (culture/privilege/opportunities) in Scorpio (taboo/sexuality/power/powerlessness).

Astrology is my ?go to? place for understanding. After all, Harvey Weinstein?s alleged sexual misconduct began to be reported on October 5 (day that Venus/love and Mars/sex joined in inequitable Virgo/workplace). Since then, Hollywood A-listers such as Ben Affleck, Steven Seagal, Oliver Stove, Roy Price, James Tobeck and Bob Weinstein have been accused of inappropriate and illegal sexual behaviors towards women (until Spacey?s included minors and men). Now, I add Bryan Singer to the predatory pedophile group.

It is important to separate pedophilia, molestation from healthy consensual sex between adults. In these days of information overload it is all too easy to conflate gay folk with ?being on the make?, unwilling to commit. This is false. It supports the assumed privilege that brings in respectability politics. Only those ?straight? acting gays need apply to being defended. That is one reason why Kevin?s non apology including his drinking as an excuse was so, too…egregious, tone deaf, inappropriate, wrong, etc.

What our culture learns (Jupiter) for these hidden sexual acts that revolve around use of power (Scorpio) will be on our collective school curriculum until November 8, 2018. The sky god Jupiter cleans house in his brother?s underworldly lair. Jupiter was known to have a male tryst. He captured the youth Ganymede to be his cupbearer. These planets exist within our collective consciousness ready for expression. (Kevin was born with Jupiter in Scorpio conjunct/sharing space with his Venus Star Point). Realize these insights are offered as an energetic analysis, not an excuse for his behavior.


Venus Star AKA Personal Passion Point


I have longed since called the Venus Star (the alignment of the Sun, Venus and Earth before your birth), your Personal Passion Point. Whenever joy, love and the physical come together in harmony, passion results in all sorts of ways that benefit all. These portals of immense sustainable abundance aid you in making teams, assessing what you desire from others and makes you an around more balanced soul.

You see, Venus, Sun and Earth make a pentagram in the skies. Pentagrams have no binaries or oppositions. Each person has a phase either Warrior/Morning/Yang or Lover/Evening/Yin. Then, you figure out the polarity of the sign (fire/air/yang) or (earth/water/yin). So, a Morning Star Virgo would be yang phase but yin element, a ?both/and?. The ?both/and? energies are made to improvise in relationships to do riff from assumptions connected to traditional gender roles.

Venus indicates our personal values and the receptive side of chosen relationships. This blog will be using the Venus Star Points of popular individuals. I have chosen Kevin Spacey and Anthony Rapp. According to Spacey, he was born July 27, 1959 at 5.51 am (suspiciously that?s sunrise) in South Orange, New Jersey. For our purposes, his time of birth is not central to my analysis.

Kevin was born at the very end of a Venus cycle that last 584 days. The Sun and Venus are nearly as far part as they can be 48 degrees. He has an Evening Star Venus in Scorpio at 18 degrees 37 minutes conjunct Ceres and Jupiter in Scorpio. It is exactly square (challenging) to a retrograde Mercury in Leo. There are three ages that Venus marks Kevin?s soul 14 (when Venus goes retrograde by secondary progression), 35 (when his Venus Star Point changes from Evening Scorpio to Morning Virgo) and age 57 (when Venus goes direct by progression). Kevin is 58 years old.

Venus, as Mayan astronomers-priests say, is the Goddess of Love in her Evening Star phase. At the time of her appearing to move backwards in the skies (retrograde), she takes the body of a man and walks the earth for 40 days. Vows of chastity are made and broken. Then, at the end of the cycle She is reborn as the Goddess of War. An original transgendered story is how I see it. Those born near or during these times tend to have an inner struggle with the expression of their ?non-binary? or ?two spirited? ways. Or, simply put, their ways of sorting out how to express love can be confusing, impulsive or out of step with the norm. However, count on a retrograde planet to look within and individuate what the planet symbolizes. May shine some light on why he mistakenly described himself as ?I choose to be gay?. Venus retrograde people do often go against the grain of societal expectations. His timing sucked.

In Kevin?s case, right at puberty he would have found himself with the Goddess of Love turning backwards in moralistic and compartmentalizing Virgo. This archetype is normally the last one at the supper table where absolute and unconditional love are served. Love is about service, duty and repression. With Venus and Mars in Virgo along with power driven and controlling Pluto, these three forces can create someone who has to be in control (even though his Sun in Leo and Moon in Taurus would want affection freely shared). Hence, going after those who could not say ?no?.

Think Anthony Hopkins? character in Remains of the Day and you have an excellent idea of how a retrograde Venus in Virgo would behave in matters of the heart. Kevin has placed incredible detailed analysis in his work as an actor, yet he seems awkward outside of lines being written for him.

In 1986, when Anthony Rapp accused him of molestation, Kevin would have been 12 years into his retrograde Venus progression. Anthony born on October 26, 1971 at 2.19 pm in Chicago. He has his Venus exactly conjunct Kevin?s Venus Star Point in Scorpio! Kevin would be exceptionally magnetized by this young man?s beauty and mind (Anthony?s Mercury is closely connected to his Venus). At 14 years old, Anthony?s Sun in Scorpio (taboo/sexuality) would have progressed (evolved) to his Venus/love and Mercury/communication midpoint at 16 Scorpio. It is no wonder he would have kept this secret from his mother (Moon in Capricorn suggests status and conformity would be a legacy from her and society).

In addition, Anthony?s Venus Star is Evening and in Virgo close to Kevin?s Pluto (taboo/sexuality/domination) and Mars (sex/aggression/domination) in Virgo. To top it off (no pun intended), Anthony has Chiron (wounded healer) in Aries (aggression) on Kevin?s South Node (unconscious/past life symbolism) while Kevin?s Chiron is on Anthony?s Mars in revolutionary Aquarius. Kevin would have been responsible for wounding Anthony?s healthy relationship to Mars (sexuality/assertiveness).


Enter Saturn: To Pass or Not to Pass?


Saturn works to earn the respect of its chosen communities. He represents older, established individuals who often have extensive professional contacts. Scheeh, one of his myths, he swallows his children because it was foretold that one would supplant him. In our youth obsessed and sexually repressive culture, it is no wonder why these men would prey upon those seeking fame, adulation and acclaim. I want to consume your youth. Stay in the closet, stay possessed by your shadow, become a warped version of your true self. You do anything for respect, including behaving straight while inviting younger men to dinner. Those who live with an ?open secret? are often a caricature of themselves, easily exploited too.

Both men have an inconjunct between their Sun and retrograde Saturns. Erin Sullivan called this angle an ?imposter? contact (which can come in handy when ?passing? for straight in life and which roles are offered. We allowed Spacey ?to pass? as an honorary ?queer?, not challenging his statements about privacy (which in an ideal world, no one should be pushed to come out). However, at what point does your personal life and authenticity (Leo) take a subordinate place to what helps society evolve (Aquarius)? What if Ellen DeGeneres had not come out more than 20 years ago? At what point are we are our queer?s keepers?

The angle of Kevin?s Sun/Saturn is a lower (Virgo/analytical/self-critical) inconjunct, while Anthony?s is an upper (Scorpio/social/hidden) one. Either way, an inconjunct demands honest assessment and humility or humiliation is served. Anthony?s angle between the Sun/Saturn would offer his humiliating experience at the hands of an older male (Saturn). However, Venus going direct by progression in Kevin?s chart would bring his humiliation (just in time for his second Saturn return in January 2018).

Originally, I asked where were Anthony?s parents (as a parent, I still want to know), however, he was born with a Capricorn Moon which tends to indicate an older, precocious child/teen. Anthony probably would have been in awe of Kevin (his South Node/past life symbol is conjunct Kevin?s Sun/Mercury/Uranus). The Sun is the king in the chart. In past life analysis, there is a bright, charisma that the other person emits and in Leo, double that light. The Mercury/Uranus energies could have given a mental telepathy at best, and a willingness to flaunt societal norms no matter what the cost.

Anytime you have Scorpio and Aquarius prominent there is a curiosity and rebellion against social mores, the Capricorn part of him could probably be very convincing about getting into situations where older people were involved. Who at 14 years old did not lie (at least by omission) to their parents? Couple the very real fact that a number of LGBTQ teens are thrown out when they come out and you realize the complexity of his life.

Virgo: A Haven For Inequitable (Workplace) Relationships

Virgo sits between full on self-expressed and self-possessed Leo and equitable and negotiating Libra. As a major seeker for personality improvement through work and service, Virgo looks for mentors in their chosen fields. Anthony would have been no different (again shades of a mature Capricorn Moon in the sixth house of work). Whether the bondage is played out physically, those with a heavy association to the Virgo pattern (Kevin has four major energies in Virgo, Venus, Mars, Vesta and Pluto, love, sex, obsession and more obsession, respectively), it would take an awesome amount of self-awareness to keep from collapsing into the shadow side of these forces…I will dominate you or as I like to say, ?I?ll be your devil in the details?.

At age 20 the cycle between Kevin?s Venus and Mars would have shifted from New to Balsamic, how it will remain for the rest of his life. This is important because, like newborns we tend to forgive their impulses and lack of control. However, a Balsamic cycle get an inside scoop on multiple realities, dimensions and time zones, we deem ?you should have known better?. The alleged molestation occurs at age 26, well into Kevin?s shift of Venus/Mars cycle. Also, the amount of guilt and shame that Virgo carries as an archetype would have demanded penance. It is the huge amount of privilege, dissociation, repression and compartmentalization that a Sun in Leo square delusional Neptune in Scorpio that would have the self-talk saying that he could get away with these behaviors.

I cannot (and don?t want) to imagine the type of mental and emotional gymnastics a soul like Spacey would put himself through?Mars/Pluto in Virgo conjunct the nun Vesta and Venus?self-flagellating Jesuit priest or warrior monk comes to mind, no joy here, folks, keep the line moving. Whereas, Rapp with a disseminating cycle between Mars and Venus, he was born to explore and experiment with love in all its forms, consensually and playfully. I wish for him any remaining healing and all the joy, love and peace that the Goddess of Love has to offer. If only, Kevin had had a healthier relationship to his sexuality (which I believe his entitlement denied, obscured and colluded), he could have enjoyed a consensual relationship with a harmonizing twin star in, if not, Anthony, some like him.

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