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Year of the Water Tiger--January 31/February 1, 2022: Wanna Be Right or Heard?

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Moving away from emotional pain & confusion, that's a soothing effect of a water element year. The Tiger in their humanitarian protectiveness have fierce instincts to elevate who have been neglected. These royal beings from our ancestors (as a story goes) moderate excessive confidence based upon insecurities aka arrogance. Let's look for and expect more of a balanced approach to sharing our physical and emotional spaces. Once you take time to know yourself and listen to your soul's voice, you relax and allow more joy, love and happiness into your life.

Conventional wisdom states that the other humanitarian animals (Dogs & Horses) enjoy the benefits from the Tiger. Thinking about others and putting into systems, habits and goals that include common goods and intangible assets of goodwill and grace is central to entering into more harmonic atmospheres. Like the Western Astrology's air element, these animals are social (yes, it takes tigers a bit longer) but without their squad, tribe or shared lair, they can wither and become surly. Brooding can be chosen to be done when you're alone, ok?

Those connoisseurs of Asian Astrology include the Rabbit, Sheep and Pigs. The Pig gets the best end of this Water Tiger year. Sharing and investing to increase their skills and knowledge can be beneficial for them. Rabbits are looking to cheer up and clear unfinished business. While the Sheep when speaking from their sentimental hearts can make all the difference at social functions--party foul or save? Intentions are keys to each of these pleasure seeking animals--farmer to table delights or processed food and experiences? Authenticity, like charity, begins at home (within).

The thinkers include the Snakes, Roosters and Oxen. Tiger year challenge their logic to go on 'gut instincts'. While those born of the hour or year of Snake won't have too much of a problem--the Roosters may complain if they're rushed to judgement about situations that they've not started. Give time options based upon your research and these crowing birds of dawn will relax. Shine they must and share their burdens with you. So, resist the temptation to over-commit because the Tiger year has a long memory of broken agreements---particularly if a community and family are being neglected.

Last and certainly not least are the doers working through the year of Dragon, Monkey and Rat. It is said that the Monkey fares the worst in the year of the Tiger. However, these binaries must be examined in more depth. Both are independent animals, it's their motivation behind seeing themselves as separate that matters. Wanting to be right or heard? This is the Monkey and Tiger challenge. Doers are chilled as long as each spends time in reflection. Dragons must do their 'due diligence'. Promotion of new ideas are in the Rat's wheelhouse.

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