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11:11 & Mahomes on Chiefs Red Friday b4 Super Bowl 57

Mahomes has a chance to become the 11th player to win a Super Bowl and a MVP in the same year (first to do it since Kurt Warner in 1999).

Yep, this stargazer is a fan boy of Mahomes and the Chiefs. Nerdy and number driven, t-hat's me. Although I feel that the universe, cosmos, Tao, God---conspire to keep us on path.

The following video is 2.22 (two minutes and 22 seconds long)---happened by 'accident'.

When you notice numbers (or anything else that pauses our addictive intellects to recognize patterns an angel gets their wings or something like that). Remember as children we rarely questioned the play found in 'connecting the dots'.

Have fun with this weekend! Know that even if nothing I've written about the game comes true, it was a delight researching, writing and receiving info from my son, clients and website visitors. Our higher, deeper and inclusive selves lives for connection, rooted & soulful.

Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!

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