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Taurus New Moon Where Love, Action & Personal Passions Meet, Join & Elevate 5.7.24 @ 10.32pm CDT

With our nurturing Moon and radiant Sun merging in sensual Taurus we are in our own Kentucky Derby of sorts---it's not whether you win, place or show. These energies inspire us to emanate the qualities of a lover in all of our lives---choose heart over mind. Yes, do your due diligence, after all, Taurus can be logical asf. But, a lover channels their heart. In all of our relationships you will be elevated when you look within to see what you have to give freely. And, if you have any resistance then your ego (which keeps us locked in fear and loathing as if we were in Las Vegas) wins. Our hearts and souls know the deal. It is vanity to believe that love doesn't win the day.

And now watch...

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