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11:11: Spiritual Messages & Guide To Healing

11.11.2020…let’s raise our energies & allow contact from ‘our better angels’.

Let’s show the way. Be wise around those in trauma. Recognize and shine light on your own wounds, then compassion can be applied.

11 is the first master number. When we begin to consciously elevate our frequency on Earth, signs show up.

We have an entire Invisible Entourage (IE) that keeps us in the world, but not attached to the world. Imagine that your IE is similar to every behind the scenes worker who makes a movie. Pretty collaborative stuff, yes?

Aquarius is the 11th sign. It is concentrated air. The Aquarian mind reviews the soul’s history as it contains the feelings from the past (hello, Water Bearer). Then, this cosmic being imagines a better and more inclusive future. Thought and soul create the space for our IE and 11:11 to get our attention.

These ‘coincidences’ are usually inclusive and loving. Respond in the comment section with your experiences with 11:11 (or any repeat numbers) with bday too.

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