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7th Month, 7th Day in a 7 Year

(Neptune and his Moon Triton above picture)

A 7 year? 2+0+2+3=7. These three 7's add up to 21. Before Neptune was discovered in 1846, the Moon was generally associated with the number 7. There are four 7 day cycles in one lunar month There are two 7 year cycles for Neptune's time he spends in each sign, that is, he lasts 14 years in each zodiac sign. Both the Moon and Neptune are considered 'water' planets---sensitive, flowing, receptive and responsive. Moon connects to our mothers and our family of origin. Whenever someone says they are not like their Sun signs, I ask do they know their Moon signs? We come out of an environment (our mother's womb). We live in an early environment where we soak up the messages about we they think and want us to be---our Moon signs offer us amazing indicators about the first seven years of our life. Neptune asks us to swim in universal waters. Equating Neptune with 'We Are The World' or other universally themed songs of love, redemption and surrender to something higher (or deeper) is key. Today's Seven themed day offers us all an opportunity to imagine a better world. Britain abolished slavery in 1833. US did the same in 1865. Neptune's influence reads like a treatise on Christ Consciousness. 'As above, so below' and 'Let your will take place on Earth as it is in heaven'---these maxims alert us to planetary 'discoveries' as ushering in a new beginning for what us Earthlings are ready to assimilate. Let's take a moment please.

Today's feast of sevens aligns with a Pisces Moon and Cancer Sun. As there are no mistakes in cosmic consciousness, we have a day that can be devoted to dreaming so-called impossible dreams. How can each of us return to innocence--particularly the innocence after betrayal and wounding? Can we allow ourselves to see an utopia where no one is food insecure and plastic is removed from our drinking water and oceans? Must we create another war to bring another layer of equality? Must we learn our lessons only through suffering?

Neptune takes 165 years to traverse our solar system. Neptune (and Pisces) tends to encourage inner action--a transformation of our dearly held beliefs. He brings a 'born again' vision. To believe that God has to speak to you as Saul on the road to Damascus may not be realistic. It may be enough to be willing to suspend disbelief in miracles. However, when you stop and offer grace to a stranger while shopping either through simply acknowledging their presence, paying it forward or greeting them---you've dipped your toes into Neptunian waters.

7+7+7= 21. The 21st Major Arcana (Secret) in the Tarot is The World. Let's graduate today. Can you accept responsibility that your life is on path? Can your cease blaming others (starting with yourself)? Can you no longer separate others as the guilty party? What if there were no good or bad? No guilt? No shame? The World card emanates a mature cosmic quality---graduation means leaving your smaller egocentric realities (and worries) behind. Accept the hard stuff in your life, water these experiences as if there were plants---allow (and expect growth). The World is often associated with Saturn. As a time Lord of Karma, Saturn brings you into physical reality, Neptune/Moon and Sevens offer us the wholistic metaphysical (aka invisible) feeling understanding of the so-called 'real world'. We need them both to allow magic/mystical experiences to occur.

When I drove Uber/Lyft five years ago, I would ask passengers to give me any 'random' number from 1 to 10, 7 was chosen the most...maybe cause it rhymes with 'heaven'. Perhaps. Perhaps not. Seven days in a week and God rested on the seventh day--seven is considered to be mystical, spiritual. I think when some aliens reveal themselves, they will to those who have many sevens in their numerological and/or astrological profiles

How Seven Are You?

G, P and Y in your name or 7, 16, 25 as a birth path or date of birth can seven you up (pun intended). Learning to balance your serious and deep thinking self with some lightness helps not only your blood pressure, but it improves your social life too. No one enjoys a pontificating seven aka 'know-it-all'. There is some Egyptian lore that any child who was born under the number 7, they were given to the priests to raise. They knew the child was chosen to have a larger and more internal life. Their Invisible Entourage (like Star Wars' the Force) is strong with them. Even in the I Ching the seventh Hexagram (verse) is called Collective Force/The Cosmic Army. Truly I tell you today on this magically mystical day of sevens our Cosmos has jokes---after all simply drop the 's' in Cosmic and you get the word 'comic'...

Connect the dots. See others as a reflection of yourself. Lose the fear. Once you tap into the unity of everything (usually through stopping to smell any and all roses, metaphorically speaking, you begin to sense more wonders of our universe. Sure, there are still problems, wood to chop after your 'enlightenment', but you see intersection between your small daily actions and larger universal realities.

So what's your favorite number between one to 10?

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