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Aries New Moon (4.11.21)

New Moon at 23 Aries on Sunday April 11, 2021 at 9.31pm CDT. The headstrong spirit of Aries calms down (apparently) in solid as a rock Taurus. However, do not let the placid exterior of Taurus fool you. When their trust and guard is dropped, no one sign can defend its values better than Taurus. ‘Bull in a china shop’ was phrased for these folx. When they love, you know it, it’s felt.

Each and every New Moon contains the seed of what metaphysicians call the ‘inner marriage’. To express this, hold balance inside---to temper our actions from an inner motivation based upon unity with our ‘intuitive’ voice is a major calling card of this Aries New Moon. Not only do you get to ‘sweat the small stuff’, you reveal how each mistake (from the ego’s POV) has made you who you are. From the soul’s perspective, there is only growth and evolution.

Helping our ‘inner marriage’ along is Moon/Venus is Aries on April 12, giving this New Moon a well-meaning boost of love and action. Talk about setting up the best of ego and soul when these two feminine powerhouses merge in Warrior Aries under a loving Venus Star (still invisible that god-Dess of Love), we have the makings of an inner alchemy that burns away all barriers to feeling love. This is love in action, through deeds.

With warrior Mars squaring Neptune, there can be conflict between what your ego directs and compels you to do versus considering the consequences of your actions. The 7.4.1776 USA chart has Mars in Gemini squaring/challenging Neptune in Virgo. While these are two different signs (currently Neptune is in Pisces), a similar result is occurring. We are lost as a nation (Neptune)---delusion between our egocentric actions and our need to dissolve into a larger whole. Mars shoots arrows; Neptune is the ocean. Neptune takes 165 years to go around the solar system. America’s Civil War is about to go through its first Neptune return---imagine that we can see the story of the ‘Lost Cause’ or ‘Northern Aggression’ without rose colored glasses. We can mature, learn to accept the good with the bad. We do not allow Mars to play a passive-aggressive dick. We let Neptune inspire the ‘better angels’ of our democracy. This Aries New Moon puts every American on notice that our world has to be founded upon integrity and actual common good. That’s what January 6 was about---how to rid our nation of the ‘Lost Cause’ of Southern White Supremacy and the North’s complicity in it. Be present moment with Aries and Mars while recognizing how you arrived at said moment.

Mars (ego based action) at 24 Gemini; Pluto (soul based reflection) at 27 Capricorn---Waxing Gibbous Cycle---passions are personal and full---are you making room to consider our response? Are you a boomerang between being an eternal child (Peter Pan & Wendy) and elder (internal judge aka superego)? Can you make peace with both sides of yourself? Your soul knows how and which boundaries to apply in each case. You may have lied to everyone for the past five weeks, but do not lie to yourself.

Use the New Moon until Mars changes signs into Cancer (April 23 at 6.49am CDT) to create stories of how you can turn the ‘almost family’ of Gemini into a soul filled commitment to growth through the ‘good, bad, & ugly’. Indifference does not create anything, although letting it be a protection while you consider options is okay. As you heal, you will need to seek neutrality. Mars in Cancer can generate a compulsively needy nature. We can dance with our inner child, however, we cannot allow others to take care of us without assuming responsibility for our choices. You can unchoose.

Transformative and selfless Pluto squares (brings karma to conscious awareness) loving and joyous Venus from Capricorn to Aries. Roll eyes now. If it ain’t deep (or you cannot see longevity), ‘cut bait and run’. Foxhole love is what Venus/Pluto desires aka ‘ride or die’. This New Moon has emotional booby traps for the overly self-involved and superficially inclined. Remember Pluto only consistently supports mutually beneficial plans. Ego must be engaged with our all inclusive souls. Our souls teach us how to take a long, selfless view. Souls build and protect legacies from a solid position where we all are in service to love, freely and absolutely. Aries furthers the development of our spontaneity and the gifts that spring from letting our guards down.

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