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As you plant those hostas (thanks, LP) on that north side of your property, realize that spring and Taurus wants you to know what matters. ?After all, it is a concentrated earth sign. ?All things physical and grounded, that be Taurus.

It is said that the three major cortisol inducing events are death, divorce and moving. ?Within the last month, I’ve had each one. ?Bryon and I are moving into our first home together (Aquarius and Scorpio can make it work when the goal is creating a healthy support system for family and friends). ?However, in typical ‘loss first; gain second Scorpio’ I am moving from my house mate (another Aquarian, if you’re paying attention) Reggie. ?Well, he’s also been moving around the country for his work, too. ?Then there is death.

Daisy Cherry Knott lived a full life on this blue green planet called Earth. ?She is?my third mother figure. ?She is (cannot write was, it’s too soon) the mother of my favorite sibling, Angela. ?Angela and I joke that we had to have our own mothers (and that she was not ready to share the womb either). With Angela’s wit and quick mind, you’d think we were twins. ?Matter of fact, Bryon calls her my twin. ?I’ll accept that and a mocha breve.

Daisy passed away on Friday, March 27. ?While still with us physically, Angela and I had the best conversation. ?We laughed. ?We talked about the energy that the word ‘recommend’ carries. ?FYI, astrologer buffs, my baby sis has a Gemini Moon which means she majors in Gemini (words, etymology, syntax and puns). ?Think of when you want to say ‘no’ or ‘hell to the no’, but society dictates a more genteel response. ?Simply reply that the request does not recommend. ?Anyhoo…sis and I are having this conversation (which I recommend you call that estranged sibling once done with reading this blog…)

Daisy, my father’s second wife, goes home. ?To the world of spirit. ?To the ancestors. ?This kind, blunt ?left us. ?My sister called?me back (and I knew something was wrong because we had ended our convo on such a high note). ?Her mother had died. ?At first, she wanted her brother in Michigan, immediately. ?As we were closing on our house, she sent a text 30 minutes later saying ‘just get here once you’re done with the closing’. ?It all worked out, as Daisy and Abe (our father) would have it their way from?that other side (which to a Scorpio is really right here). ?The funeral was Monday, April 6. ?While in Michigan I made my favorite type of greens. ?Angela went grocery shopping and she could not believe that I made greens like her mother. ?I realized that I had witnessed her making them when I was a child (a beautiful repressed memory.)

The?next morning after Daisy’s passing,?I awakened with a Scorpio obsession and a Virgo’s eye for detail. ?There was a song that Daisy repeatedly?played on the stereo. ?I could see it just like it was yesterday. ?I couldn’t have been more than 10 years old (I was seven, thanks Google). The yellow center on the 45 rpm kept the single centered. ?When?the handle was up and away from the center of the turntable, this meant ‘repeat play’. ?No shuffle off and repeat buttons to push on your computer, just keep the?handle away from the center of the turntable. ?I racked my spirit as to which song it was that Ms. Daisy played repeatedly. ?I got dressed and then sat down in my former cave, dusty and dark as I like it (much to my house mates chagrin.)

I thought, ‘hell, you’re a spiritualist, spirits hang around you like you are barista at a metaphysical coffeehouse’. So I asked Daisy Cherry Knott what was that?song. ?I heard in my inner ear as if she had whispered it to me: ?Band of Gold by Freda Payne.

Now that you’re?gone/all that’s left is a band of gold (even now as I write this the ‘l’ keeps slipping, having me correct Band of God to Band of Gold!)?

All that’s left of the dreams I hold is a Band of Gold/And the memories of what love could be/If you were still here with me/You took me from the shelter of my?mother/I had never known loved any other…

Lyrics are up to interpretation, however, what is not, is the color gold. ?The last color I saw Daisy wear?was gold. ?Her daughters, grand and great too, all had on gold at her home-going. With the exception of my baby sis. ?Her Venus (taste factor) is in individualistic Aquarius. ?She wore black, maybe because she would not have been born to hear this song like I did.

I love my sister, dearly. ?This blog is dedicated to her and her mother, who was kind and blunt, and it recommends?her spirit to the world.

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