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Big Friendly Giants

From now until the visionary New Moon in Aries on Sunday April 11 (10.31a EDT) we have an amazing blend of old and new. Before every new moon there's a waning crescent. Whenever Pisces and Aries meet, there are large energies of expectation and action. Pisces brings in the 'all there is', the compassion we can feel for each other. Aries extends that in the now, those moments of spontaneous generosity. (Like Shaquille O'Neill buying an engagement ring for a perfect stranger).

Random acts of kindness, paying it forward or simply allowing a car to merge in front of you in heavy traffic, these are the Pisces/Aries moments. Big or small. Friendly, for sure. Giant as in of and coming from the heart. We all have holes aka wounds in our hearts.

With so many changes in our daily lives, the kinder we are to ourselves the more will be to others. Kindness means letting go of the past. Letting go means to place the past into context. Pisces energy, Waning Crescent Moons and Neptune aid this loving kindness actions. Through looking at your life from multiple perspectives, you can gain a softness and largeness simultaneously---hence becoming a walking and talking Big Friendly Giant.

Allow the next couple of days to be a soulful experience. Practice looking at the larger picture, let compassion be guide, admit (at least to yourself) what you do not know and give from the unwounded part of heart. Through kindness you can access the light in those wounds---and give freely.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel Quan Tracy Cherry. If you want to know how this New Moon will affect you personally, fill out an appointment form or drop a message in the chat.

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