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Brooms, Knives & Swords--Venus in Leo & Uranus in Taurus

My ancestors 'jumped a broom' to symbolize 'marriage'. You see animals and subhuman folx did not have the agency or soul to enter into such higher Cosmic concerns. Our lives are sometimes born out of myths--otherwise why would need to 'willingly suspend disbelief' or center upon the multiple meanings of 'The truth is stranger than fiction'?

Now, place a broom in front Yoruba Orisha (Force of Nature) Oshun---hopefully near a river too---

In one myth, Aphrodite/Venus is said to be born from the severed genitalia of Sky God Ouranos. His son, Titan Saturn, used a knife or sword to do this horrendous act. Or was it? When we take myths literally, we are listening to an ego voice that is rigid and without soul. It's an excessive left brain alert or notification as if it's from our soul's smartphone, yes?

Like flowers that bloom at different points in the spring and summer--some soul's are newer and need rules aka commandments and sacraments--some do not. This current Venus Star in Leo (August 13, 2023 to June 3, 2024) requires an open heart and curious supple mind.

Aiding us is three squares (challenging energetic aspects) between Venus (love) in 'you belong to me Leo' and Uranus (freedom or die' in hedonistic and possessive Taurus. These dates are July 2, August 9 and September 29. Saturn's holding the scythe (fancy sword) cutting away our false beliefs about the nature of commitment in our soon to pass the age Pisces. Imagine how duplicitous and gaslighting is our relationship to monogamy.

Now until September 29, 2023 Venus offers us an excellent and ideal opportunity to leave our inauthentic pasts behind us. Forgiveness begins with ourselves. A little 'mirror, mirror' time is suggested. No guilt allowed---simply an adult acceptance of your role in each past pain or hurt. Aquarius---and our communities can find freedom through commitment.

Although many of these large stories (myths) are sourced in the patriarchal realities, our Aquarian Age (of which we are cusping) demands we add a wholistic feminine wisdom to them...hence brooms are jumped...commitment happens no matter how the master saw their (including white women here) property. The same adaption that my ancestors lived is required today for those of us who are still living an unexamined life. Living only through our linear and masculine minds (left hemisphere) closes and narrows our hearts. Feminine wisdom is internal--independent from outside strictures and domination. Living ethically and transparently from an intention of service and surrender to higher/deeper ideals opens and softens our hearts. We embody the adult principles of Aquarius through jumping brooms within and without. We use our individual swords to cut away false allegiances to collective ideals that do not serve us and/or our chosen communities.

These two months of Venus and Uranus can illuminate where we have been 'sleeping with enemy'. Both Leo and Taurus want to be seen with having the most 'toys'. Retrograde Venus in Leo whispers from our hearts of hearts--how much does your outer world reflect your inner world? If not, why not? Saturn in Pisces (the sign where Venus gets her power of absolute love) demands a deeper love--inclusive, patient and multidimensional. Gotta jump the broom between ego and soul--gotta re-solve, re-member and re-treat into your past hurts. Locate the hidden treasure of sweet soulful memories based upon what you've learned. Jump the broom of self-recrimination and blame. Cut that mess away as if you're giving your love life an enema.

What's an awaring person to do? Join ORM

Admit to yourself how re-morse aids in a balanced re-flection upon your past. (These words that begin with the 're-' prefix offer each of us multiple opportunities to enter into shared futures of collective responsibility--leaving blame behind. To go to ground leaving those polluted Piscean waters of guilt, shame and original sin/fault.

Has this Venus slow down to retrograde been a particularly difficult pendajx? She's Non-binary in Her Lover (yin) & Warrior (yang) phases. Yes, this site has been communicating about Venus Star Point & Her relationship to Transgender for years---follow this link to a past blog, please

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