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Burrow & Mahomes II: Fourth Time Meeting January 29, 2023

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

33 to 27 Chiefs over Bengals!

Lawyer Stipulation:

Astrological Point Spread Honesty will occur between 6 pm peaking at 930 pm to 11 pm on Saturday January 28, 2023

Lunar Year note: Water Rabbit year feeds creatively Mahomes’ Wood Pig (he is a major benefactor of all he contacts!) This year and his injury is teaching him to enjoy the game whether he wins or loses. No pleasure, no joy, no win---so says Equilibrium Inducing Venus says.

Burrow as a Sagittarius Fire Rat may take his ‘gifts’ for granted…false humility is repelling and ignoble. Those wins of 2022 came in his year (of the Ox, Rat’s best friend) and, the team is named after Tigers. However, Rabbits are fond of rabbit holes and furtive strategies that out wit those born the year of the Rat.

The lawyer in me is willing to stipulate that I want KC to win. However, after four years of brainwashing to see the facts #facts, I trust I gave an even accounting. After all, I’m a child of Equilibrium & Harmony Inducing Venus.

If you don’t have the time, you may skip to the end for The Astrology of Sunday*

Let’s go into this stargazer’s weeds, ok? AKA Astrological Algebra (Showing How I get to the answer)

I’m giving the guest the ‘top’ billing only because he’s younger (by 15 months). And, I want him and the Bengals to continue in their overconfidence.

Burrow ‘Joe Cool’--I don’t like this nickname. This nickname belongs to Snoopy of Charlie Brown fame, not to some random QB on our current & biggest nemesis, ok? Besides one of my Xmas gifts of last year was a maroon ‘Joe Cool’ hoodie. Yep, I’m a nerdy lover of almost all things created by Charles Schultz (even token Black Franklin lol)!

Burrow and Schultz were born under the lucky sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the most challenging sign to Virgo. This rivalry is at its beginning (period). We will have many years of watching these two.

Both are small town boys Tyler, Texas (107K) & Ames, Iowa (66K), Mahomes and Burrow, respectively. Since they command a lot of collective attention and we project lots of power onto them, their Sun signs are secondary to where Pluto was when they were born. Pluto, as mythological lord of the underworld, changed signs from Scorpio to Sagittarius in the 15 months difference in the birth of these two talented men.

Mahomes (I am refraining from calling him ‘My Homie’, ok?) has Pluto in his rulership of Scorpio at the last degrees. Anytime any planet or astrological angle is at the last degrees, these are karmic cleanup degrees. First, anytime you’re named after a living person, you carry their karma. Mahomes is a second named after his father who I believe was a relief pitcher (explains some of his sidearm throws of the football, yes?) In Numerology. Patrick has a father karma (intense unconscious needs) through not only being named after him, but he was born on the 17th. All 8, 17 and 26’s have an idealistic view of what they need and desire from masculine energized authority (which can be emulated by their mother or grandparents too). This young man has lots to prove. He also has his Venus Star (Personal Passion Point/PPP) in an Evening Star (Lover/Team Builder) phase but it's in I need, need, need personal attention from my Daddy Leo.

The Sun in Virgo rules our star QB’s soul. Mars runs his personal passions from Scorpio. Unless he continues to transform his ego (need to prove or expect recognition immoderately), Joe Brrr will bait, lure and trick him from visionary Sagittarius. Where I have confidence that we will strip the Cincinnati Jungle team is through Patrick’s innate trust in his commonsense, methodical strategy---and most importantly---his lack of reliance on technique. When you have lots of Virgo and Scorpio like Mahomes you have outthink yourself. That’s why he and Head Coach Reid are so formidable. Father and son energy abounds…any one can see and sense that. Reid’s PPP ran Warrior and Aquarian (the original fire starter and Musketeer). One of Reid’s gift is the ability to bend rules to almost breaking---and he has an ability to get universal downloads because he has no other motivation but to use them for everyone (including his ‘enemies’).

Burrow has a similar gift being a child of Jupiter (Sun and Moon in Sagittarius). Pluto leads his his sovereign Sun in Sagittarius. HIs personal passions roll through ‘I can be all things to everyone in the moment Gemini. His cool emanates that he doesn’t take things personally like KC’s quarterback. I maintain Tyreek Hill #10 going to the Dolphins was the best thing for Mahomes. Not only does the #10 go to the tenth trump in the Tarot, The Wheel of Fortune it is the day that Burrow was born. Doubly blessed by lord of skies Jupiter. Mahomes is blessed with the exact techniques for every contingency except one---Burrow’s holistic vision of all possibilities in each moment of life (playing on the gridiron, for sure). These mercurial and quicksilver reflexes between body, mind and soul through his calls/sound, but his hands are magical. They will continue to be until he’s 33 years old. He has an inventive Mercury retrograde in controlling, elder like Capricorn. His mind is sourced in traditional wisdom and the history of the game.

If I have any concern, it is connected to the number 10 that Zac Taylor and Burrow share. They are both born on the tenth of the month. From Head Coach as a Taurus, Taylor is more than capable of giving Joe Brrr the practical tools to manifest some of his most outlandish visions (aka plays, play calls---don’t know all the terminology, remember this is an astrological perspective.) The date of the game has a 10 path (1+29+2023=37/10 or 19/10/1) Again, this Wheel of Fortune inspires the ‘answer back’. Chiefs score; Bengals answer. Pay particular attention when there’s no answer back by each team particularly between the 630pm to 730 pm. Taylor’s action to motivation quotient is especially strong and finely tuned toward adjustment (think of his work around helping Joe Burr move outside of the pocket). When this coach focuses upon embarrassing another team, he is calculatedly good at it, even when it appears to be ‘spontaneous’. That ‘Snow Globe’ play from the Chiefs, while not to be over used, will need some other plays adjacent to it. If anything, the Chiefs need to express their confident fire (spirit) in each successive moment to counteract the Bengals natural teamwork ability to more quickly ‘shake off’ their missteps. The water/earth combo of Reid/Mahomes can create an energetic mud when their innovative plays fall short (again, why it is helpful that Hill is no longer a Chief & Mahomes has an injury to heal and regenerate--humility wins the play, for sure.)

Chinese Astrology Musings

Each of the losses to the Bengals last January happened while we all moved from the year of Metal Ox to Water Tiger. Tigers connect us to the past. It is rumored if you were to kill a tiger it would be like murdering an ancestor. Venus was also in retrograde in karma balancing Capricorn. Capricorn connects us to our knees that we fall upon when there’s no grace being bestowed---usually because we do not honor our gifts of modesty and commonsense. Burrow had less to prove last year because he was expected to not be able to beat Mahomes, right?

The last loss on December 4 was particularly problematic. However, those 4, 13, 22 and 31 numbers send chills through our September 17 QB. The four and eight have an intense bond. Tomorrow does not have the 4 and 8 intensity, but it does have that double 10 for Burrow & Taylor as well the day being a 10. Spiritual completion of teamwork, even for the other team...maybe, just maybe, those players who help each other up no matter if they're a Chief or Bengal will tip the scales? What if in an ideal world this game represents the penalties making the biggest difference, particularly the one of 'taunting', 'personal foul' and 'roughing the passer'? Just sayin'---football, like any other organization, is not above or beyond the law of correspondence 'as above, so below'.

Each KC loss has happened when the Moon/mood is in earth signs (Taurus & Capricorn to be exact). Tomorrow is no different, the Moon is in Taurus. This time however, Venus is in early Pisces (favoring Andy Reid) and feet. Bieniemy quote about Patrick’s high ankle sprain ‘I want what he’s taking’ is well timed. It fits into the ‘I believe’ & ‘I have faith’ in the intangible healing quality of our QB. This Venus will be challenging Burrow’s Pluto (use of personal power). If Mr. Brrr begins to take his ineffective vision having too much immoderate ego, his team will lose by more than three points, I say six that will show up at approximately 730pm.

*The Astrology of Sunday, January 29, 2023 at 5.30pm CST

Game begins with Leo Ascending, the sign of nobility in competition--let’s display our best gifts to entertain the world, ok?! Patrick has his Personal Passion Point (PPP) in Leo and it’s Evening Star. If you ever have a doubt of which nine month phase Venus is in---if it’s sunset (which it will have happened several minutes before this AFC Divisional Game begins), you’ll see Venus in the western skies at the horizon. Patrick has an advantage simply for this reason. We are in a Evening Star phase in late Libra until August 13, 2023. Joe may be too aggressive, but it is his turn to have something to prove.

Before the first quarter ends it will be apparent how ‘injured’ Mahomes actually is. You say ‘duh’? However, the ghosts of the past losses will openly demonstrate themselves beginning at 6.30pm (depending how profound depends upon both QB’s humbling themselves around the 6pm to 645pm mark). If they begin to execute plays to taunt or humiliate (that includes the other players), Saturn will exact his balancing act later in the game around 655 pm to 730 pm. A time for living a golden life with a pure heart cleansed of vanity is paramount from 730 pm on…engaging those rookies who want stories to tell to their partners, friends and family from an inclusive and deeper purpose also aids in winning this game.

Not wishing any injuries, however, I have concerns from 625 pm. to 715 pm. Moon in Taurus in the Lunar Year of the Water Rabbit says concise inclusive plays matter (as does the ‘choose love’ messages on helmets versus ‘stop hate’...our collective subconscious focuses upon the love or hate message not the choose or stop, for sure!) Therefore, each of us player or observer is learning how to focus on what we want more of in our world, not less. Choose love. Choose humility. Choose play.

33 to 27 Chiefs!

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