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Burrow & Mahomes II: Pick a Player Today January 29 2023 To Release Vanity

I know more about Damar Hamlin after his cardiac event of January 2, 2023. The amount of collective and universal love that was directed his way could be considered a phenomenon. Broad, spacious and open is this love. However, why do we need tragic and/or the specter of death to move us to see and express this kind of love? What about Patrick's 'high ankle sprain'? I heard more collective 'fucks!' and 'there go our chance at the Super Bowl!' than I care to mention.

The Vanity of my last column and video is apparent. 53 players on each team, yes? Even my undergraduate degree in Financial Accounting reels at the possibilities of predicting a winner, much more a point spread. That is why my soul's voice at least has the presence to say in my original Facebook post--'Join me in an indulgence'.

Vanity can only thrive where we focus on our egos and its ability to aid in the belief, the illusion of our separate natures. Competitive sports has Mars (energy of separating identities/ego action) has vanity and conceit at its core. As we move into the Age of Aquarius, to overlook and not acknowledge certain core values will have competitive sports losing its edge. All sport that doesn't ascribe, aspire and act upon these core values of 'choose love' (a direct cosmic relationship to embracing our essential unity), will begin to lose its ability to influence our consciousness. How many times has a football game been canceled because of injury? I'll wait. I had to look it up too. It is fun to separate into teams of us versus them. However, we are also learning that it is all us, all the time.

Damar Hamlin reminded us of the transitory nature of life---a 'there but for the grace of God, go I?' What about our own ability to offer grace to another? Forgiveness of the choices that lead us to whatever suffering is happening within or without?

What to do? Choose a player on the Chiefs (or Bengals). Find out one personal fact (or two) about him. Have an imaginary conversation. If you were Oprah (Happy 70th Birthday!) and this was Super Sunday, what would you say to him?

Here's an example.

"Patrick you were born in Virgo season. This can make you all too aware of what is flawed in a play, person or situation...not imperfect. Mother Earth doesn't do, perfection--except that everyone and every moment is perfect. Perfectionism is an ideal. You may have an ideal vision of the perfect play, but what is the whole perspective of 'out of the pocket', if not pure pragmatism. Love the game. Embrace your injury. It is your shadow in manifestation to bring equilibrium between your ego and soul. And, continue to humble yourself. Through your heart's listening to each player, you aid in the resurrection of their soul sourced in love which breaks down vanity, conceit and unnecessary roughness penalties LOL".

Please enjoy today's game moment to moment. There is no good or bad in the player that you choose. It is recognizing what you choose to reflect upon from that player. I like Patrick's tantrum (exhibiting his thwarted passions the lawyer speaks) from last week. Today, I am sure to enjoy his playful grace and the way he skips onto the field. I find it easier to trust, listen, and follow a person who skips.

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