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Clean Up on Aisle Four: Pisces Full Moon

Early Wednesday September 2, 2020 we will witness the last Full Moon of the summer. It is known as the Corn Moon or Harvest Moon. Reaping what’s been planted is a major theme. Yet there is a clean up aspect to it as well. After any excesses of Leo, Virgo analyzes what’s good (and what is not). What can be assimilated and what needs to be let go of.

With Uranus (awakener/chaos maker) supporting the Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces, we are offered an opportunity to see our attachments to the so-called ‘real world’ in a new light. Looking from a multi-dimensional perspective, this Full Moon wants us to illuminate and express our compassion for each other. Because you cannot give something to someone that you do not have, relaxing judgements on yourself is recommended. Yet, both/and Uranus in Taurus demands an objective accounting on what you are giving and why?

How can you ‘clean up your aisle four’? You can ‘clean up’ through knowing your opposite, but complimentary sign. So, I’ve decided to write your Full Moon through this perspective. Recognizing your opposite sign, much like a Full Moon, you can increase your compassion while tempering your more severe judgements of yourself and your closest others. Hey, I’m still on this physical plane, so I ain’t fully learned what the eff I’m writing. Simply using the light of this Moon to disinfect my own soul. If we all can place a bookmark in our lives in our collective chapter entitled ‘Humility’, we just may not begin more conflict at this next Full Moon in Aries on October 1.

Virgo-Pisces, you are the two adaptable security seeking signs of earth and water. We look to you to fill in the gaps of creating and sustaining a healthy physical body while offering a kind word or gesture to feed our souls. The more that you allow your aspirations to guide you (no matter what we may think of your more outlandish ideas or beliefs), the more we will listen. Sure, we may laugh, but it is those who get the last laugh that truly matters.

Libra-Aries, you are inciting us and yourself through action and consensus building signs of air and fire. Life may be a carnival. This Harvest Moon can have you teetering on taking on more than you can realistically handle. As Mars begins to slow down to go retrograde on Sept 9, allow yourself to cease faking it. A little introspection doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy yourself. Your key virtue is balance. Assess how you learn something new, then do it differently. If a visual learner, get an audio book.

Scorpio-Taurus, as your axis centers upon what you have and what is shared, this cleanup Full Moon has you feeling overwhelmed in direct proportion to how far out in the future you project yourself and the world. Let the Pisces Full Moon do what it does best, increase your faith in your own flow. Taurus, you must soften some edges as your look at the differences between you and others. Resist the temptation to dismiss someone else’s values simply because you happen to disagree. Scorpio silence can be a diplomatic timing of choosing your battles carefully.

Sagittarius-Gemini, yes, you can appear to be one part glib smart ass, philosopher and having ADHD. Virgo-Pisces axis challenges your ‘live and let live’ view. This Full Moon demands you seek security. Spending without a plan can have your world collapsing, just when you are certain you want to build upon sturdier foundations. Your ruler Jupiter is slowing down to go direct on Sept 12, you can feel your vision(s) being made manifest (almost). Check in with your Gemini side (inner journalist) to get the info you need before you make any large decisions. Geminis determine which business of yours is really unfinished and what needs to be released.

Capricorn-Cancer hello, Mommy and Daddy built for responsibility, but you have realized that being a parent is often a thankless job. This Full Moon can help you discern where you’ve been cleaning up messes that aren’t yours. Some folx need to be spiritually potty trained. Yep, it’ll smell for a while, but you will get more freedom in your own life. Let your awareness of your ample imagination see your world as you’d like it to be while knowing how to centered in full self-acceptance. Revisit where you can create interdependency. Too much control creates a quiet bitterness.

Leo-Aquarius, yours is the axis of participation. Without individual and team effort balanced in some inexplicable (and probably quirky looking to the rest of us), you can come off aloof and disingenuous. You clean up well through simple expressions of love. Even when your mind flies away in worse-case scenario skies, your heart matters. This is why children (or maintaining a childlike view) matter, your own and others. The next time your big brain wants to be ‘right’ and enters into a conversation with someone who clearly has not thought as deeply as you have about this or that…ask yourself what age their inner child is? No condescension, only acceptance and beauty of how minds work differently. This is a heart work for you now.

Seeing yourself in an entirely new light is an opportunity at all Full Moons. When non conforming Uranus is in the mix, expect the unexpected. At its worst, Uranus has oppositional defiant disorder. That’s a fancy way of saying he can activate your IDGAF and your adolescent rebel without a cause (or you follow unsavory ideals). We have many examples of unhealthy Uranian energy in our hyper individualized American world. Whenever you read or hear about Uranus and/or Mars and there’s no corresponding Venus, watch out and be extra wary. Venus represents how we value each other, those individuals and experiences that with whom we share our authentic selves. If I do not listen or see you, then Venus is not present. By the light of this Full Moon, let’s hope ‘we’re in this together’ is a practical rallying cry…the Full Moon in Aries on October 1, itches and often starts something (usually a fight)…

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