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Day B4 Full Moon--Embrace Your Wounds

Wanna save the world? The day before the Full Moon says save yourself. Become your own Messiah. Yep, it's that natural and easy. If you're in a physical body, you've got wounds. Beginning with the unbiblical cord being cut and continuing from there--allow yourself to get the joke. Once you realize we ALL have wounds you can begin to have compassion for everyone. You start to lighten up and live in present moment.

As the Moon reaches her peak illumination, She wants to shine light on where your past no longer matters. Every 28 days, She gives us this crazy notion that nothing really matters--except trust, surrender, joy--and the grandmother of all virtues LOVE.

Let this Cancer Moon give you a pass, free yourself (and others) from guilt, shame & blame. Serve the world through aspiring to heal yourself and your early childhood. Start with your grandparents (the ones who wounded your parents). We often give those of another generation a 'get out of jail free' card. Well, pendajos, we ain't playing Monopoly. We be playing 'Ease On Down The Road' with a mix of 'Home' & any other your favorite tunes from 'The Wiz'!

No one's past is destined to repeat itself. Capricorn season demands maturity.

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Your words warm me from the inside out.😀


Jan 16, 2022
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Stay warm!

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