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Fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are slow to act. When you have toddler planet Mars in one of these signs what can be a gift of patience can turn into a prideful stubborn adherence to the ultimatum ?my way or the highway?. The ancient ?god of war? takes 26 months to go around our solar system.

Once Mars moves into Libra (October 4) and communicates with Saturn (government/law) October 27 and Pluto November 5, expect Impeachment to be well on its way to full manifested reality. Helping this along is the transiting North Node of the Moon (people, private lives, wanting harmonious family and country) going over the USA?s Sun in Cancer.

For the purposes of this blog I will focus upon the Venus Star (desire/personal passions/diplomatic team building), Moon (habits/instincts/mass appeal or not) and Mars (how you are likely to stand up for your rights/get up stand up).

Inspiration: The 7 National Security Democrats.

At the head of this is the 1st female Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Sun in Aries likes to be first at anything that?s important to them. However, her Venus Star is in cautious/discerning/no humiliation for me Virgo. It is Evening Star which in a politician can be too aware of what others think, a willingness to interject their values. With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, there?s her tendency to speak too deliberately, fearing she?ll make a mistake. It is her Mars in Taurus that must have complete physical control & Scorpio Moon that must have emotional control. Yet in the lyrics of Chaka Khan ?once you get started/you can?t stop. The Speaker?s Taurus planets are relentless once a course has been set. The Libra New Moon on 9.28.19 will set the course in motion for her.

Five of the seven National Security Democrats have Scorpio Stars. These passionate children of Mars will also be lit up once their ruler goes into diplomatic Libra. Joe Biden has a Scorpio Star. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have Martial Stars emanating through pioneering Aries. But adrenaline driven Mars takes the spotlight to act, not to pontificate and/or wool-gather.

These 7 Seven National Security Democrats are listed in order of astrological strength of breaking with mealy mouthed conformity to a mediated perspective that honors the past deference to the military and institutions while being poised toward creating a larger more progressive future.

Elaine Luria Evening Star Scorpio, Gemini Mars, Pluto in Libra and her Sun is exactly aligned with the current Evening Star in Leo until June 5 2020. Watch her ability to bring all folx together. She has a retrograde Venus (acutely diplomatic through authenticity, Mayor Pete has a retro Venus too.) The Speaker would do well to utilize her story in garnishing the remaining votes for a majority in the House.

Jason Crow (strong Sun/Mars) Morning (Warrior Star) in Scorpio, Mikie ?Michelle? Sherill shares a reflecting twin star with Nancy Pelosi, so the two have an affinity to serve well, each other as well as the country. Elisa Slotkin has a strong Mars in Capricorn sharing space with USA?s Pluto, acting in the collective?s best interest against special interest groups may be her super power. As well as Abigail Spanberger whose Mars in Gemini is conjunct USA?s Mars, watch her perspectives on how we use our military power around the world versus what is called ?soft power?. The last, but not least, Scorpio Star are Reps. Cisneros and Houlahan whose ability to speak reasonably to the unreasonable can be demonstrated through their astrological alignments.

I did little to no investigation of these pols political position except from this one joint newspaper article. My goal is to get you to understand how powerful the Venus Star can be in our daily lives. After all, Venus rules diplomacy. She represents the relationships we choose in our lives. Honorary mention of Rosa DeLauro who also is an Evening Star Scorpio with a Mars in Capricorn along with the USA?s Pluto (hidden collective power). She may be a force to change our ?America First? BS from this current POTUS to an integrated national position (Rep. Pressley is on this trek too).

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