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St. Valentine might have well been a Christian martyr, but with the Full Moon in Leo, there is no need for that kind of wood. ?Wood, as in lumber, grows slowly. ?Exact time of Full Moon is 5:54pm CST (but remember Full Moons last five days, two days before and two days after).

This is the first full moon in the Chinese year of the Wood Horse. ?Sure steady growth is assured, once the past is reflected upon on this romantic holiday. ?The Moon rises at sunset here in KCMO in all of her glorious beauty. ?Sensitive, joyous and playful, when properly attended to, yet when Leo is ignored there’s dramatic pouting, temper tantrums and micro-managing. ?As it is said, there’s no bad publicity, there’s no bad attention when adolescence Leo shows up on stage.

Use your heart to draw attention to the spirit and energy of all your relationships. ?Saturn is blocking any immature emotional expression from his methodical mountain in Scorpio. ?Leo gambles in the daylight; Scorpio uses the night as a cover to test our mutually shared vulnerabilities. ?If you cannot give openly, freely and deeply, then save your actions for later. ?Remember Full Moons are about the clarity, illumination and integration of complimentary opposites. ?Leo and Aquarius have rather independent spirits and intentions.

Mars is slowing down in relationship oriented Libra to go retrograde on March 1. ?Let’s see. ?2014 began with Venus looking & moving backwards, only to go forward to have Mercury turn around on February 6. ?That’s why you’ve heard from those you’ve love and lost in your past. ?Retrogrades are like introverted mid term exams. ?These three retrograde require that you reflect on the?how?of love (Venus), the?why?of love (Mercury) and the?energy?of love (Mars). ?2014 is all about the flavor profile of love given and received.

Without sincere and authentic communication, the love you may need to save will be your own. ?Mars (and focused Vesta) operate as the energy of self-assertion tempered with an awareness of what your lovers, mates, hookups and partners need, not what you think they need. ?Leo and Aquarius together can represent a relating to someone’s potential. ?Essentially, manage your expectations, be realistic and this Full Moon will bring the good fortune of being heard, understood and best of all, loved for the real you!

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