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Getting Misty--Sun & Moon in Water Signs

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

In my backyard, my Taurus ♉️ mother and I have created this garden. About five years ago I realized I enjoyed planting flowers instead of vegetables--sometimes I muse that Scorpio Marie Antoinette and I have 'cake & flowers' in common.

This garden helps absorb the water from heavy rain from entering our basement. If there's one thing Scorpio & Taurus can agree upon it's security---the management of water (feelings) is a foundation of these two complimentary signs common ground (pun intended).

I expressed to my Taurus mother & son (yep, I'm fortunate like that) that not only are they my bookends, but they form the banks of my flowing Scorpio waters. They temper or place boundaries when I may become to rebellious or reckless. After Aquarius, Scorpio is the second most rebellious sign. Quietly biding our time--imagine the cat that pounces or snake in their lair--Taurus reminds us of what we have to lose--they are simply more cautious by nature.

Until tomorrow's Moon in Sagittarius (920a) take a page out of our misty garden--lightly emote--exude lavender or lilac--leave the deep purple to someone else. Near midnight there's a Moon/Mars contact Scorpio/Leo--unless you're expressing and sharing some passions--it is best to be flexible. No rebels without causes allowed.

Dream weaver alert overnight. With Neptune stationary retrograde--the intensity of our need to escape increases exponentially.

Mist is advised in any discussions this weekend--who wants a hurricane even if you're the calm center?

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