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Wear red! ?Sage your home! ?Eat black eyed peas and greens! ?Well, that last one is for the more conventional New Year’s Day in some African-American homes (which you were also supposed to sweep your stoops).

We are leaving the introverted, reevaluating and discriminating Water (soulful/emotional/past driven) Snake year to get up and move about brilliantly through a Wood (communal/inclusive/social) Horse year.

If you’ve felt like last year were dues being paid to enter into exclusive clubs and fine dining, you are correct! ?Even perceptive and analytical Mercury spent more time (through his retrograde cycles) in emotive water signs of Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces in 2013. ?In 2014, the god of business, contracts and travel will begin to retrace his steps in the water signs but move back to the air (mental/intellectual/objective) signs. ?We can all take a breath and detached from the struggles to leave our past worries behind. ?Naturally, water creates wood in the five element system of Chinese medicine, I Ching and Venus Star Point (which I am working to integrate these systems into a coherent easy to understand manner). ?Hint: ?constructive feedback is appreciated. ?Oh, where was I?

‘Past is past; learn from it; vow to not repeat it’

These are some Year of the Horse sentiments. ?Are you a show horse or a work horse? ?Or a combination of both? ?Where do you want to shine?

Horse as an archetype goes to the fire (spirit/energy/visionary) element. ?And, it connected to signs of Aries (cardinal fire) and Scorpio (fixed water). ?In family dynamics the Horse is associated with the middle daughter. Li, The Clinging is how she calls herself through the I Ching, The Book of Changes. ?Imagine a physical property of fire, it is dependent (hence, it is clings) upon fuel for its flame. ?Even a metaphysical property of fire in terms of spirits indicates that they are dependent upon the living to re-member and spread their legacies after the physical body has expired.

The I Ching Venus Verse from January 11, 2014 to October 24, 2014 is #56 The Wanderer. ?The Venus Verse is a combination of the Venus Star Point (VSP) and the year of the Horse. ?Morning Star Capricorn began on January 11. The Wood Horse year begins today at 336 pm CST. ?All Morning Star energies sit in the lower three lines of the I Ching called ‘human affairs’. ?This leads to Li being in the upper three lines of the six lines of the verse called ‘cosmic ideals’. ?The Mountain (Ken) below The Clinging (Li) creates hexagram #56.

From an egocentric perspective The Wanderer reminds all of us what it means to travel through uncharted territories. ?It’s like a person of color (usually male) in NYC concerned about ‘stop and frisk’. ?This Wood Horse will bring you up close and personal with retribution when you travel too far from your soul’s path.

(For more info on how to calculate your own Venus Verse, contact me)

We are all on a journey for increased self-awareness. ?This year with Fire (Li) above the Mountain (Ken) we search for our overarching light and inspiration among the rubble of decay and destruction in our earthy world. ?What philosophies do you cling to? ?Do you only display spiritual values in crisis only to go back to the same behaviors after the dramas have passed? Are you evolving? ?Do you see the possibilities or only what is missing? ?Do you take responsibility for being a cause agent in your life? ?Or is it someone else’s fault? ?Do you know how to apologize effectively for the impact of your actions regardless of your intentions?

You will be known for your works, what can be seen and discussed, your behaviors.

That’s another guiding light of a Wood Horse year.



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