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Happy Venus Friday, January 5 2024!

Yep, no matter how hard we try, our egos need feeding. Egos manufacture pride. Pride of accomplishment or diligently surpassing all the odds. Be that being born poor and now you aren’t or having emotionally abusive parents and you are not. If your pride has been wounded, then you are being asked to search for its origins or roots. Whatever wounds you’ve healed, it is the process of healing them that matters.

2024 is an ‘eight’ universal year (2+0+2+4=8) Today is Friday, January 5. 1+5+8=14 (1+4=5). In Venus Star Math (connecting to Fibonacci Numbers) 5 and 8 are included. Venus makes five (5) alignments to the Sun and Earth every eight (8) years. Today is totally about all things Venusian.

Egocentrically, I want to transform TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) to ‘Happy Venus Friday’. Bringing God into our daily lives can be so messy for those who have little to no humor. Bringing God into our daily lives can be infinitely more separating than unifying. Gotta do your own personal work around ‘God’, ok? Personally, I don’t like Tua T (quarterback for Miami Dolphins) painting black crosses on his face--don’t think that Christ consciousness needs that showy display. Although I’ve done enough inner work to know when my personal preferences have no source in universal laws of freedom and free will. This lawyer is willing to admit that I may overlook this bawdy display if it were Mahomes donning this face paint. Lawyer equals ego, right? Anyway, I’ve digressed. Let’s thank Venus for her day. After all she corresponds to Norse Goddess Freya whose name has been lent to Friday. Let’s thank these goddesses of equilibrium, joy, peace and love. These are ‘godly’ virtues, yes?

Some of my favorite Tarot symbols of ‘Fives’ come through the Five of Cups or Wands.

Do you concentrate on the ‘spilled cups’ or turn around and focus upon those cups of nourishment that are still standing? Do you concentrate on how everyone has a unique (and often competing) viewpoint or do you seek a higher (and deeper) unifying ideal?

Happy Venus Friday!

Fifth secret (arcana) of the Tarot is The Hierophant. In his shadow state, he’s institutionalized morality, be that through law (god or man made). When the trans-rational and mystical experiences are recognized as your personal inner truth through secret Two (High Priestess), we can relax. We learn to go inward and access what’s true from our soul’s perspective. After all, it’s called ‘inner work’ for a reason. The Hierophant is traditionally associated with the zodiac sign of Taurus. I have---value. According to Our Raw Material and AstrORM, Taurus connects to the second pillar of Music on an ego scale and Wholeness on a soul scale. These scales (and pillars) are our personal way of seeking equilibrium---moderation from within. A Balancing of judge-ment and compassion. Before your ego accuses me of ‘babbling’, the point is moderation is an inner work thing.

The fifth day of the month along with a 14/5 Universal Day on a Friday has Venus written all over it! Seek through your five senses where you’ve been wounded. If it's your mind, were you shamed when you came up with innovative solutions as a child? Or were you told you weren’t physically attractive as others in your family? Did you have a unique perspective? Were you sensitive to smell, and shamed for not liking certain people or food? 

2024 is an Eight Year. Eights are all about the easy exchange of energy (thought/feeling) and matter (physical world and its manifestations). Let’s ask Venus to heal our imbalances.

Begin with recognizing what they are. What if we had all the time world to do this most important inner work. Contemplation, meditation and prayer (your choice). Hell, it may even happen at the gym or while playing pickleball. The zone that includes ego and its wounds while transcending them both. Get lost inside yourself. After all, wisdom is inherent. You know ‘energy follows thought’, right? Yet, how many times a day do you know access the source or roots of your behavior? 

Happy Venus Friday. She can help if you just ask, no crosses on your face required…

(if you’re a Dolphins fan, I may simply not like your team because I feel the Chiefs road to the Super Bowl may go through you).

Congratulations 🎊 👏🏾 you made it to the end--do you know where your Chiron is located in your chart? Ask in the comment section & I'll answer--a joyous Hummingbird service of Venus!

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