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Helping Your Empathy--Energetic Expansions Virgo/Listening through AstrORM

After the Supportive Triangles of the fire element (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius) and their corresponding emotional weeks of Mentors, Feelings and Intention, we integrate the voice of ego modestly with our soul. This egolessness happens in Virgo’s Week of Listening. In keeping with the Music Theme of this Fall 2023---James Ingram’s tune is One Hundred Ways. Our souls have at least 100 ways for us to listen to each other. Read Pisces please too. (There are three paragraphs suggested---your Sun and Rising signs, along with Pisces Wholeness with Leo as Listener from their Feeling Week).

Remember from our soul’s perspective, everything does NOT happen for a reason, all things happen for our evolution.

It is our egos that are constantly seeking reasons for our life. Reasoning comes from the analytical side of our brains. When we listen from this side of our brains we often are thinking either too much and/or what we’re going to say next. It is the judgy side of our relationship equation. However, when we pause and breathe into our hearts and souls, we listen from our souls. We place ourselves in another’s place. We end our separating illusion. We end the discord within. We truly become empathetic. We tune into the vibrations of what is said behind and beneath the words.

Virgo follows Leo. The modesty of ‘judge not, lest you be judged’ is an axiom of this mutable earth sign. As the personality aka ego fully flowers in Leo, Virgo observes what could’ve worked better. Through a constant drive for self-improvement, the Virgin compartmentalizes what did happen, assessed against what will happen with an analysis of the process of manifestation. There’s a reading of the soulful Google reviews as it were. Feedback is necessary---constructive and honest. There is humility in this sign. This starts the process of listening. Sharing similar ideals (completely flowering in the following sign of Libra/Values & Ideals Week) is our soul’s way of demonstrating where we seek common ground instead of replaying our illusory separating selves. Realize that to some of our egos we see humility and listening in the same vein as humiliation. Yet, when constructive service is a goal, there is only how everyone is benefited through our service.

Count six signs or weeks from your sign. Realize we are in a circle. Therefore, count your sign first. Imagine the oxygen mask rule on an airplane. Should we hit turbulence and the mask drops, place yours on first. From our egos viewpoint, we have turbulence surrounding us at all times. It is part and parcel of the maya/illusion of separateness that keeps this game of life and loss alive. Once we hear and then truly listen and apply our soul’s voice of rooted interconnectedness, the mask is utilized to bring us into a state of unity and calm. Virgo (and the Listening Week in Our Raw Material) reminds us to close our eyes and peek into our hearts. Feeling the frequency of how we’re in this together, even if and especially when, all seems to be lost.

There is the sign that submits to analyzing the ego to discerning how to serve from our open heart. Listening is a service. It is a choice to humbly submit to another. It is not fixing a problem. It is sharing oneself from our souls. Listening to maximize shared action for our partners, family members, work colleagues and anyone with whom we have similar passions becomes central to our stories.

Examples of AstrORM counting for Listening--the sixth sign carries this humbling goal to accentuate our LIstening to our Soul’s Voice from our hearts (in bold is your sign/pillar of Listening). Your Sign/Rising sign is (1)

Virgo (1), Libra (2), Scorpio (3), Sagittarius (4), Capricorn (5), Aquarius (6)

Libra (1), Scorpio (2), Sagittarius (3), Capricorn (4), Aquarius (5), Pisces (6)

Scorpio (1), Sagittarius (2) Capricorn (3), Aquarius (4), Pisces (5), Aries (6)

Sagittarius (1), Capricorn (2), Aquarius (3), Pisces (4), Aries (5), Taurus (6)

Capricorn (1), Aquarius (2), Pisces (3), Aries (4), Taurus (5), Gemini (6)

Aquarius (1), Pisces (2), Aries (3), Taurus (4), Gemini (5), Cancer (6)

Pisces (1), Aries (2), Taurus (3), Gemini (4), Cancer (5), Leo (6)

Aries (1), Taurus (2), Gemini (3), Cancer (4), Leo (5), Virgo (6)

Taurus (1), Gemini (2), Cancer (3), Leo (4), Virgo (5), Libra (6)

Gemini (1), Cancer (2), Leo (3), Virgo (4), Libra (5), Scorpio (6)

Cancer (1), Leo (2), Virgo (3), Libra (4), Scorpio (5) Sagittarius (6)

Leo (1), Virgo (2), Libra (3), Scorpio (4) Sagittarius (5), Capricorn (6)

Remember the bold is your sign/Pillar of how you can best listen to your soul’s voice.

Virgo (Listening Week) is served by Aquarius (Aligning with Intention). Whenever you as the second human sign on the circle of animals aka the zodiac, gets stymied, it is important that you leave your ego’s propensity to analyze life from a linear perspective. Shifting hemispheres is how your oxygen mask drops. Your ability to get out of time and space is an Aquarian act, an Aligning with Intention. Simply acknowledging what was the source of why you wanted to take action in the first place, like Black Lives, matter. Matters much. One of your superpowers when you align with intentions is to see the big picture while simultaneously recognizing all of the little steps. You live the view that ‘the devil is in the details’. That is, your ego advocates a constant self-examination of your reasons why you either play or have accepted certain roles--like ‘good wife/girl’ or ‘savior’. Any self-image disturbs the alignment (action) of intention. The person where the listening begins, like charity, is you and your home.

Libra in Listening Week gets inspired by Pisces’ Wholeness. You look back at Virgo and you realize all the analysis in the world means nothing if you do not act in everyone’s best interest. Your scales of justice are attuned to illuminating equilibrium of ego and soul. As a matter of fact, Our Raw Material (ORM) was downloaded by the spirit of Wholeness to Libran Tavish Carduff. Through this sometimes delicate balancing act of ego and soul, you have Wholeness as your guide. When you listen to knowing and acting that everyone moment serves your evolution which includes everyone else with whom you’re in contact, you relax, radiate and replenish. Your charisma increases in direct proportion to your paradoxical egolessness with an allowing of the rest of us to recognize your gifts. Your superpower comes in your ‘taking things under advisement’ like an old school judge who was born into a family of gangsters. I jest. You keep it light while acknowledging everyone else’s seriousness. Your soul aspires (if our souls can aspire) to seek the answers for everyone or is it you pose questions no one else dares to ask---akin to the child in the Emperor’s New Clothes?

Scorpio when you admit to yourself that Listening demands you act in a moment away from the imprinting of your Mentors/Aries, you shine in the deepest of darkness. Your listening energy is none other than the first week and first sign---Aries. Your calculations can be endless. Your imagining what others will do to you or those under your protection is like being imprisoned in a stationary submarine investigating Marianna's Reef. Once you come back to the surface and trust your soul’s protection you act without thought to the consequences. You’ve examined in rapt detail how your instincts have been narrowed by a wounded ego. You release your beliefs around ‘it runs in the family’. Your mysticism integrates a scientific bent. You study epigenetics and ancestral wounds, but you also imagine more light to heal and unwind these wounds. Aries (Mentors) week gives you a worthy adversary---a lack of faith in the belief in your own Wholeness (usually from an early childhood where your sense of urgency was either ignored or made fun of). Cease to wonder where your intensity comes from---just trust action is what is needed when you feel compelled to do so.

Sagittarius as you realize that you have a greed for adventure sourced in a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), you begin to listen to Taurus/Music. These steady and cautious folx remind you to act like a musician. Whether you play or write music, they help you hear the rhythm of your relationships. No matter how fiery and independent you see yourself, these qualities may be in reaction to others attempting to corner you. Your reaction to any curtailing of your ‘freedom’ can make you feel victimized. This is not a response to the music, but a running away from conflict. Your ego creates an exaggeration of your simple gifts. Charm becomes an arrogance that repels any quality folx. Sure, there’s a quantity of attention, but would you dance with any of these people in the light of day in your hometown? If not, why not? Pride is where you can be wounded. Yet, when your animal nature moves at its own pace, you resist any temptation to split your life into higher or lower. Your innate leaning towards piety lessens. You create these win-win situations that bring everyone into a unity we cannot imagine when you’re absent. Lovely. Sensual. Protective.

Sigh, obligatory Capricorn, your duty bound nature needs Nourishing Gemini to listen to your concerns. Cease thinking (and feeling) that ‘bending another’s ear’ is weak. Gemini will inform you when they’ve heard enough. They’ll also let you know when you’ve been rephrasing the question or issue for the umpteenth time. If you have not been warned, then keep on talking. Shyness can easily cover up a secret superiority to the rest of us. If you believe this, then you’re as far away from receiving your soul’s support as the desert is from life sustaining water. Gemini reminds you how to release your sense of adulting. If anything they encourage you to be ‘childing’. Let your inner child show itself. Say goodbye to your obligations, especially if they’ve been chosen out of guilt or shame. When you judge, know this---’all judge-ment is self-judge-ment’. Nourish your evolution through not only learning your lessons, but observing the mistakes of others. Your soul consistently feeds you compassion and mercy, please choose to accept this…

Rabble rouser Aquarius heeds the soft, gentle energy of Cancer/Ignorance. Through the moon child’s AstrORM connection to Ignorant Week, these folx remind you of what you do NOT know. When insecure, you look to seek where you are intellectually superior. When you listen to your heart, your empathetic skills become self-evident. We feel your non-judgemental nature. We become attracted to your soulful mannerisms. Your fluidity in dealing with all types of individuals who have varying degrees of knowledge. You look to our wisdom (which is inherent). You sense our innate and rooted interconnectedness. Once you choose to live from a central not knowing, then you allow your ego to realize that knowledge is delivered like a Japanese supply chain---on delivery as necessary. Your feelings are given a full range of expression with less thought given to your audience’s reaction. You leave your house without every hair having to be in place. You begin to treat your family members as good as your treat strangers--that is--you don’t hold your anger to the public inside only to transfer it to those who are closest to you. Grace is applied equally to all, whether you’re related to them or not.

Pisces, your evolutionary lessons are challenging even on those metaphorically ‘sunny’ days. Precisely why, Leo/Feelings listens to you. These fiery folx demand you bring ‘all the feels’ to every relationship and unique situation. They teach you that no one dies from hurt feelings. Wounded pride indicates that you’ve allowed your ego to lead your life in One Hundred Ways (this week’s tune) away from your soul. Your pride when it’s not sourced in rooted connection to all living beings sets your life up in an adversarial stance. You begin to shrivel and die. As Bob Dylan sang, ‘if you’re not busy being born/you’re busy dying’. Your listening week of feelings Leo connected offers you rebirth in every moment of conscious breathing. You inspire us through living a life full of adventure and whimsy. You take the life and lemons to create multiple flavors of lemonade. You recognize that most of us are parched, thirsty---wanting your pure waters.

Warrior Aries, Virgo/Listening quiets your innate fire. You become humble in their presence. You reflect on at least 10 ways (not a hundred) on how you could’ve handled a problem suavely. Yep, you smooth out your natural pioneering ways whenever you stop to consider that not everyone is ready to act on their visions in the moment. As you slow down (read: mature), you are less likely to stir us up out of boredom. You listen to those who support you no matter what---you don’t take this support for granted (seeing that’ll always be there). You allow us to be in on your ‘inner process’...even when it’s explained after the fact. You grant your inner circle their ‘Monday morning’ quarterback insights. However when you hear a whiff of disrespect, you’re off to your lair or throne as quickly as Aries Aretha Franklin can't spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T.! We know you’re mastered your own brand of the pleasure/pain cycle learned from early childhood, when you laugh heartily at your mistakes.

Sturdy Taurus your poker face is a thing of beauty. Your spidey sense is markedly clairsentience, ,that is, you feel truth in your physical body. Be they goose pimples or the gut/brain, your body knows. When you submit your ego to listen to inherently neutral Libra/Values & Ideals, you open to possibilities of a relationship that you’ve scarcely admitted to yourself. Libra roots us to our Values (how we spend our time) & Ideals (how we think we should spend our time). Know this, your life through being connected to Music Week can easily play songs that are conservative and cautious. Or list your favorite tunes---are they mostly about the past or future? Asking yourself ‘why not?’ gives you an opening to at least let the song of your life get to the chorus (at times called the ‘hook’). Sigh, you want your security to be simple. However, as you hear how to bring peace through your relationship begins within, you soften your boundaries. You give an outward impression that you’re truly listening. You adjust your values to the environment. You stay silent when you have deep disagreements. Your relationships increase in quality as you cease to take in the suffering of fools.

Gemini as the first human sign, your mental processes are like no other. Listening for expansion of your consciousness is a theme of this blog. The Sign/Pillar of AstrORM is Scorpio/Conflict. These extreme folx offer a ‘ride or die’ mantra to most (if not all) of your interactions. Once you find the fulcrum of this emotional seesaw within you, you can see polarities in stark relief---like a captain of their ship. Your soul knows that all conflict exists within. Can’t nobody make you feel nothin. So when you want to defend your behavior through actions or speech, you know your ego’s voice is being heeded. Scorpio demands that you push the only other button on the relationship blender. It is labeled ‘full commitment’. Your mind through ego can easily offer up all types of half-hearted justifications for your behaviors. Your soul knows how to apply wisdom. It is inherent. It is reflective. It is whole. Wisdom is profoundly accessed through self-monitoring. It is accepting that it is inherent. There is no searching for it. It demands slowing down to accept the ride. It is your ego that imagines you hitchhike for what you already have. What you must know is all inside---directly under your feet.

Cancer, your need for safety is central. In AstrORM you question the boundaries you’ve learned to place around your heart. Yet, when you trust your soul’s protection (like being in the ‘family’ where your a ‘made man’ no murdering each other), you start to listen and heed’ When you allow Sagittarius/Intention to offer you all the possibilities of mutual success, you are a force of nature to be reckoned with. As inflexible as your actions may appear, you listen to create expansion (read: love) for everyone connected to you by your roots. It’s only when you fixate on a particular point of view without considering someone may actually not only know more than you, but these ‘experts’ have no agenda. Those closest mates have seen your peculiar brand of brooding---you muse on 100 Ways of ‘Worst Case Scenarios’. The way the other shoe drops is through not only imagining the universe as broken down and cheap, but focusing your amazing energies on the flaws in your situation. Allowing your concentration to muse upon what could be in your favor sustains a magnetism that often brings you exactly what supports you and those rooted to you.

Concentrated Leo, your heart is like an adolescent who picks the petals of a daisy. You muse on ‘love me’ or ‘love me not’. The more conscious you behave the more you search out Capricorn’s Resources. Metaphysicians speak on a ‘third eye’. You imagine why can’t we have a ‘third ear’? Capricorn gives you a third ear much like being a broadcast host with their executive producer in their ear as you do your show. A major resource (other than having a watchful eye on how you nourish yourself) is your ability to integrate your multiple thoughts with feelings. You have feelers out in any environment in which you sense you have little to no control. You move from reaction to response. You do one of the major tenets of ORM--pause and breathe. Through reflection upon your broken hearted experiences, you sense that once you accept that everything happens for your evolution, you relax. There is less anxiety when you hear your soul’s voice in your ear. Your soul illuminates how your Wholeness is moment to moment--you do not need to search for reasons. Looking within for your answers matures and ripens your spirit.

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This morning when I started to sing my praises to creation I found myself reluctant to really let go, resistant to giving up my ego/self in gratitude for life then you come along and tell me why I felt that way. 🙏✌️

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