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Introduction to Venus Star Verse (VSV) & Sun Signs

Morning or Evening Star?

Venus, the Goddess of love and pleasure, has two energetic faces:? Morning (yang/warrior/active) and Evening Star (yin/lover/reflective).

What is the Venus Star Verse?

Your Venus Star Verse is a combination of your Venus Star Point (VSP) and your Sun sign. ?(Remember the Sun is a star.)

The Venus Star Verses are an integration of what completes your soul and how to keep your spirit vibrant and emboldened.? You?ll want to know your Verse with your Sun sign because you can perceive and act on how you can feed your hopes and aspirations.? It will be one of the 64 hexagrams (verses) of the I Ching.

Reference other links on my site for a longer definition of VSP and whether Venus is Morning or Evening Star.? The relationship between the Sun and Venus before your birth determines which face of Venus guides you, morning or evening.? If you were born close to a Venus Star Point, you can shift from Morning to Evening or vice versa.? It is a wonderful concept!

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There?s more?

Realize that your Venus Star Point can give you many different Venus Star Verses.? As with all things Venusian, it is mixture, the relationship of the entities that gives the meaning and substance to your life.

I will write a snort synopsis on the Venus Star Verse.? Feel free to search out others? interpretation of the I Ching Book of Changes to get an additional understanding about what guides your passions.

Still Intrigued?

If you want a longer definition and a second Venus Star Verse that connects your Chinese Lunar Animal Sign, I can send you one via an audio recording.

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