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Jupiter in Gemini: Humpty Dumpty Rule Guidelines

Ol' Jove expands everything he touches. He is as far away from his home in 'journeys over water' Sagittarius. This can make the King of the Gods insecure. When he feels he doesn't have support in his squad or followers, he can begin to talk nonsensically and/or too much.

Quantity over quality is not an attractive look.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. When in doubt about the facts, repeat only what you know or have witnessed. Exaggerations will be fact checked.

  2. You may be cancelled if you're shady instead of being private.

  3. It's okay to spin a story, if you're spinning a cautionary tale.

  4. Realize all you've ever needed to learn, you learned in kindergarten (there's a book with that title.

  5. Resist the temptation to distill large universal truths into soundbites or memes.

  6. Know when to leave a party, neighborhood, hell, even a relationship if you feel/see/sense you're not being heard.

  7. Make adventures happy daily, even routine.

  8. Watch the following video

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