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October 10 at 820 am Jupiter moved into the concentrated water sign of Scorpio. Ol’ Jove will be in this transformative sign until November 11, 2018. ?Jupiter expands through faith and the search for life’s meaning, while Scorpio focuses and moves its energy to get to the bottom of why we are here. ?Specifically, this fixed water sign has to contain its feelings and lessen its emotional attachments. ?What can we expect when the zodiac’s adventurer meets with a suspicious sign of mid fall that’s hell bent on uncovering life’s mysteries of birth, death, after life and major transitions of all kinds, particularly those connected to growth and aging? ?What will happen as dark areas of power inequities are investigated to be illuminated to be addressed?


Cannot think about Jupiter and not get a religious vibe.? Although we older souls prefer to use the term ‘spiritual’.? Let’s face it, big business, judges, and lawyers can use the organized aspects of traditional religion to oppress.? Let’s explain terms.

?What is faith? It is the confident assurance that something we want is going to happen. It is the certainty that what we hope for is waiting for us, even though we cannot see it up ahead ??

? Living Bible

Faith is the assured expectation of what is hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities that are not seen ?Hebrews Chapter 11, Verse 1 ?New World Translation

What is the Shadow? ?Any part of ourselves we do not see that we deny, repress or project onto others or onto the ?other?, usually marginalized or oppressed groups. ?Rogue subpersonalities possess us when we lose control. ?These ?demons? often emerge when we are under the influence, be that drugs, alcohol or having a skewed opinion of ourselves (read: ?privilege and/or self-depreciation). ?Jupiter lives large, excess is part of his meme. ?In psychological Scorpio, we must go where no one has gone before…to our underworld, the subconscious, where our shadow lives. ?When forced to have intense conversations about taboo subjects (sex, death, politics, money and religion), our shadows demonstrate our true motivations. ?Retreat, reassess and reevaluate. ?Have faith, then reconnect, test your faith, the unseen (your motivations). ?If it is not for growth, then you are off path as far as your soul is concerned. ?You will be off path until November 18, 2018 while the planet of growth and expansion (Jupiter) travels the sign of soul?s exploration (Scorpio).

?Faith is the assured expectation of what is hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities that are not seen ?Hebrews Chapter 11, Verse 1 ??

? New World Translation


The signs that Jupiter rules (feels most comfortable in) are Sagittarius and Pisces. ?Mercury (rational thinking and analysis based upon facts) rules Gemini and Virgo, signs that oppose (complement and/or challenge) Sagittarius and Pisces. ?To be whole, we need to use both hemispheres of our brains in proportion. Our lives, relationships and circumstances must come into profound balance found in Scorpio while going on a quest to become more human (Jupiter).

Faith without observation, an open mind and a willingness to question your ‘assured expectations of what is hoped for’ and ‘the evident demonstration of realities not yet seen’ easily morphs into fanaticism, obsession, conspiracy theories and fake news. ?With Jupiter transiting Scorpio, faith without moderation can easily place you in more debt, financially and emotionally. ?Your confidence becomes overoptimism which can lead to bad judgements. ?You create secrets that wound those closest to you. ?As the sign of ?other people?s values?, you can easily morph into what others have and want you to be for them, so you can extract what they have…think prostitute, politician, gold digger archetypes.

?The egoic (shadow) Jupiter justifies the launching of wars, sending planes into skyscrapers, or destroying our planet for self-interests. Instead of rising to a life calling, the egoic Jupiter calls on the world to deliver benevolence. There is entitlement and expectation, backed by a belief system (backed by institutions. mine added) to affirm one?s specialness.?

? Eric Meyers, M.A.


Faith without action does very little for others. ?It can keep you in a magical thinking mode, particularly when it remains unchallenged by others who have different viewpoints. ?Some call it the ‘bubble’. ?I call it ?talk amongst yourselves? syndrome. ?When in situations that there is a homogenous group, Jupiter in Scorpio requires that you have the courage to speak up for the ?other?, those who would literally change the complexion, gender or orientation of the group. ?Use the confidence and privilege of Jupiter and as such your passionate spirit will ignite others? spirits who daily do not have to think about ?others?. ?Jupiter, as ruler of two transpersonal signs, works best through unity messages, while discussing differences.? Scorpio does not support ‘colorblind’ messages.? We must acknowledge our shared history to aspire toward our shared future.? Scorpio prepares our souls for what we would like to leave behind. ?Sure, in death, but in the now. ?What do you want to have remembered, if every intense conversation you have would be the last one with that person, family member or coworker?

?Through having the open heart and penetrating mind, you enter into the sweet spot of Jupiter in Scorpio… Retreat, reassess, reevaluate. Have faith and then reconnect?

? Quan Tracy Cherry

I know what I want remembered, profound conversations that alter the nature of how we see things.? For example, at KCTV5 a couple of weeks ago, I asked a white man who was also a guest on the show ?why do white men often let me walk ahead of them?? ?Elevators, at stop signs in traffic, this time it was at the lobby. ?He replied, ?his parents taught him to be polite;. Implying that mine had not. ?He spoke of an African-American girlfriend (whom he did not say he married) did not ever say anything like that to him. ?I spoke about their intimate connection and intersectionality of being black and female, she even more than I, must choose these conversations carefully. ?I asked, ?but, if we are both men, why do you get to go last?? (I realize the gender bias in that question, but politeness has its roots in patriarchy/chivalry). ??He had never thought about it.

Privilege means you do not have to think about it. ?I admit it was a ?confluence of factors? that compelled me to ask a stranger of a different race such emotionally probing questions. ?This ‘confluence of factors’ is the kneeling of Colin Kaepernick, conflating of this protest, Star Spangled Banner white supremacist third stanza, confederate statues and the biggest elephant in the room, President 45 with ?very fine folks? on both sides. ?Let me be clearer, sigh, I have had a number of times to ask a white man this question. ?You see privilege allows you to think individually. ?People of color and other oppressed groups tend to think collectively (I have even tipped more because I?ve had some white servers confess to me that African-Americans tend to tip less, their perception, perhaps?). ?How will my actions affect others who look or live like me? ?How many times as a white person have you been asked to speak up for your entire race?


The conversation at KCTV5 ended with an exchange of business cards. ?I have reached out to continue getting to know this even minded and open hearted individual. ?That?s a goal of Jupiter in Scorpio.


Reach out for life?s meaning from a person of a different view, race, gender, etc. (Jupiter) take the risk (Scorpio). ?Spontaneously opening up to others, showing our boo-boos, be willing to admit what you?ve always wanted to know about an ?other? but was too afraid to ask, to be wrong or the worse, not listening because it is difficult to see the brown, black or female person as an authority.

Scorpio is the one who blows the whistle, particularly on monopolies, oligarchies and yes it is the part of your soul that speaks up when relationships feel out of balance. ?Sitting between negotiating Libra (whose need to please and belong can create a faux peace) and trendy Sagittarius (whose need to be the smartest person can easily confuse opinion with facts), Scorpio mediates between the potential beginning of a relationship (Libra) and the adjustments needed to the vision of what the relationship could become (Sagittarius). In essence, Scorpio modulates high ideals and tempers excessive optimism AKA ‘not yet seen realities’.


These next 13 months will be a test of our faith. ?How, when and where to put it into action, this faith of ours. ?I was invited to an ACLU brunch on Voter Suppression last weekend. ?I want to help. ?I have donated to PROMO a Missouri based group to protect the civil liberties of LGBTQ individuals. ?With Jupiter in Scorpio, we cannot rely upon the social connections alone met in Libra, we must deepen (as is all things Scorpio) our commitment to whatever ideals benefit every person. ?Last year we thought (air) our institutions (earth) would protect us. ?We were complacent, mistakenly thinking that others thought the same (shadow Libra).

The ‘shadow faith’ of last year of Jupiter in Libra gave the US a woefully unqualified president (who was born with Jupiter in Libra along with Presidents Clinton and G.W. Bush). ?We were not willing as a nation to look below the surface of how segregated and divided our nation is on gender, race, class and sexuality etc. ?’Shadow faith’ can be born out of only surrounding ourselves with those who agree with us. ?It is also where we capriciously dismiss those who call us on our lack of receptivity to different perspectives or threaten our fragile sense of self and the privilege that flows to us. ??Shadow faith? is created when we allow ourselves in social situations to stay silent or ?go along to get along? when social justice issues are conflated (flag, police brutality towards African-Americans and patriotism).


Colin Kaepernick has the Sun in Scorpio, he will catch an employment break and/or have his prosperity quotient grow through a loss this November/December. ?If he continues to work on his game, another opening occurs late spring of 2018. ?An entire astrological blog could be written on him (he has the same firebrand Sun in Scorpio as Martin Luther, Billy Graham and Joseph McCarthy), he will taking that knee for a long time to come. ?When Scorpio feels and knows what is right, it will defend it to its death (which Colin has lost his career, for now).

Creating this ‘more perfect union’ takes unearthing our ‘shadow faith’ that sees how all lives matters equally in theory, but how is it practiced in your daily life?? Do you take those next steps to listen to those who have been oppressed? What can you do?? There’s enough oppression to go around. ?Empathy and compassion are sorely needed. ?Scorpio is a sign that must shine light in the darker areas of the soul. ?In this the healing power and protective energies of Jupiter can promise deep, authentic and lasting bonds between individual. ?The ?more perfect union? starts from within, because Scorpio knows that the warrior is within your soul.

Warrior Mars will be activating our inner motivations and compulsions from December 9, 2017 through January 26, 2018. ?Misguided, narrow minded and fundamentalism (Shadow Jupiter) will be energizing the god of war from December 14 peaking on January 6 continuing on till January 30, 2018. ?The New Moon December 18 will be especially telling as to precisely which war will be started (North Korea, Yemen). ?This lunation aligns with our Galactic Center. ?The eyes of all beings are looking at Earth. ?Will we elevate and raise our consciousness to unity and move beyond tribal selfishness? ?How will there be a continued assault on the rights of LGBTQIA people through court systems, state and federal? ?We must use Jupiter to broadcast a new vision and philosophy about how we want to live on this planet. ?You can feel the saber rattling, but all that talk was ?oh, so, Jupiter in Libra?. ?Scorpio offers two choices: ?Regenerate/merge or self-destruct/transform. ?Look to your own ego and how you share, then took to mates, friends, family, community and when you see an ?other?, what do you feel inside? ?We all have major transformative work to do. ?It is time.


Jupiter promises sustainable abundance, Scorpio delves into what motivates us. ?It is the hypothetical of having ?six months to live, what would you do??. ?The planet that brings our loftiest of aspirations in a sign that reminds of us our mortality. ?However, the soul bonding (through sex and spiritual practices) can give us a glimpse into what makes us immortal, that is beyond the physical world. ?Hence, a Scorpio’s interest in metaphysical, spirituality, tantra and the dead. ?Expect a boon in areas that teach and guide us to understand the unseen, have, well, you guessed it, faith. ?Faith in the ?strange bedfellows?. ?Allow your examined instincts to lead you into relationships where meaning is sought and shared. ?If you do not feel like you are equal, in Scorpio Jupiter world, then you are not. ?Retreat, reassess and reevaluate. ?Ask the difficult questions. ?Explore the taboo areas, but live from the richness of your soul.

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