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Leo Karmic Ones

Leo Karma Ones (July 28, August 1, 10, 19): As a Leo One, your sun sign demonstrates what you can do as a self-directed individual but the karmic paths in Numerology and Tarot underscore your driving need to prove what you can accomplish. Once you accept that no one offers help because you look entirely too capable, you can discern what you can ask, and more realistically, expect from others. I’d say that as a Leo One, you have the additional onus to not enter into relationships with those who are too weak, otherwise you’ll dominate them, and sever the ties because of your lack of respect you have for them. You need to be challenged, in some cases, it is how you know you are loved.

When you are aware of how the intuitive and inventive Tarot operates along with your Power Date and Sun sign,

You can become The:

Sun living as if it is by divine right. The world conspires to aid you in the creation of your multiple visions. The more you tailor your future/present sight to what society needs, the more help you receive. Narrowly focus or become judgmental and we stay away from you in droves. You burn us out in your constant theorizing about what ‘should be’ instead of accepting what ‘is’ and then changing from there. You talk at us, from a condescending tack telling us you know what’s best for us, instead of seeing us as unique individuals. Keeping your heart open and innocent remains the best way to inspire us to support you.

Tower in your close partnerships, they end abruptly. Or from your vantage point, it appears that they do. In reality, they end because you hear only what you want to hear. You see only what you want to see. Folk feel like chess pieces on a game board, not authentic breathing humans. Once you renovate you need to lead into a desire to pioneer connections based on what’s best for all parties, your third eye multiplies your vision of how we can be to each other, individually and energetically.

Death to your own soul. In your quiet moments, you must reflect on the ‘why’ of you. No B.S. No drama. No blame of what your parents did or did not do for you. In the end, those three Fates turn away so you can create your life from your own inner path. Learn how to transform what no longer works.

Wheel of Fortune knowing how to ride the invariable up and downs in the aspects of your career you cannot control. No matter how talented, there will be times that your gifts go unrecognized (at least to the extent you want them to be). Once you learn to be as gracious climbing that proverbial corporate ladder as you are when you come down, you will be protected from more ups than downs

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