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Leo New Moon 8.18.20: Lead With Your Heart or Follow Someone Who Does

In the Heartland, we are known for our midwestern ‘Nice’. Well, I was born in Detroit ‘of the straits’ Michigan. I grew up on Eastern Standard Time (EST)—and those Great Lakes. That third coast and Barry Gordy’s Motown (along with our first unapologetically Black mayor Coleman Young), I was taught at a very early age to not do ‘nice’. Therefore, I describe myself as ‘polite’, even ‘well-mannered’ and of course my Leo gr8 grand-mother would approve of the moniker of ‘my boi has been home-trained’. You do realize that ‘home-training’ is a close non-blood kissing cousin of having ‘The Talk’. If you don’t know ‘The Talk’ that ALL Black Folx have with their children, biological and/or communal, then go read a book…cuz you gon’ be too remedial for what I’m going to continue to say…

As an energy, the sign of Leo is all about shining (Sun ruled). Leo is the all about mediums of expression. Our First Amendment that centers on ‘freedom of speech’ implies that this does not mean ‘freedom from the consequences of said speech’. In today’s psychic build up to a second (hot/active) Civil War, it is extremely important to remember to call your elders and others for proper and guided reflection on where you have been wrong.

It behooves everyone to get a couple of history lessons in order to enjoy the present moment that Leo promises. It’s the simple things, stupid. Like when it’s said that ‘we’re fighting for the soul of our country’. Who’s fighting? Who’s soul? Freedom to include or exclude? We agree to wear shoes, shirts and pants to receive service, but masks are where some draw the line?

The more you resemble those who are in power (umm, the Senate is rooted in ‘senex’ which means old men), the more you likely have to dismantle what you value. 0

Every Leo lunation (New or Full) brings up a tensional dynamic between the free spirited child and their caretaker. Leo brings in the developmental energy of the adolescent only to be balanced by the free ‘old soul’ of the Aquarius. Yes, the ‘second childhood’ of Leo opposite sign of ‘reforming oriented’ Aquarius makes complete sense to this heart centered energy.

Searching for the dignity in each individual is exceptionally Leo. Hell, to even write ‘exceptionally Leo’ is to deny how exceptional this sign is where the identity fully flowers in the first place. Oh, hell, just make sure you acknowledge each Leo’s personal protocol, and rarely will anyone be disappointed.

You can expect the USPS to continue to remain in the news, as the transiting Nodal Axis is in Gemini until January 20, 2022. We are all learning karmic lessons of speaking to the facts. South Node in Sagittarius is the progenitor of the ‘fish stories’. At what point does an inspirational emotional truth become a lie? Please ponder as this boggles. As President Cheeto has a Nodal Axis return in Gemini (mundane ruler of the mail/everyday messages/sent & received) beginning this fall, expect even more of a fall. This Nodal return activates his Uranus (stable genius believing he’s the smartest person in the room, superior to all), Sun (ego) and opposing Moon in Sagittarius (self-image attached to size & quantity be that his hands or inauguration crowds). His fall has been going on for lifetimes. Our nation’s dissociation of a nation built upon the ideals of freedom and liberty while enslaving other human beings has to continue to be dismantled. We needed someone to play the roles of King and Jester simultaneously. The greedy will self-destruct. Depends on where you are at the time of their setting fire to themselves…

You see, our President’s higher self is preparing his soul for one of the biggest shifts in anyone’s evolutionary development: to seeing karmic creation and formation from instinctive reaction. Our entire planet is making a shift from young and adolescent to mature and interconnected. ‘We’re in this together’ becomes a physical reality of daily living, from health care to the environment to repressing racial inequalities and white supremacy from more than from a symbolic perspective. At some point every soul begins to understand the results of their behaviors. As you return home to Source/God/Tao you review your actions, how you’ve harmed others. External direction morphed into internal analysis. The larger the stage, the more you’ve harmed and bigger fall.

It’s been said ‘history may not repeat itself, but it can rhyme’. This Leo New Moon is feeling the stationary retrograde Uranus in Taurus (which I am preparing course TBA w/Nadiya Shah). This ‘awakener’ and ‘shatterer’ of reality falls in the first house in the Washington DC chart conjunct (sharing space) with Circe (sea nymph who turned men into pigs, patriarchal POV). Uranus has us questioning all authority and paradigms. Circe in this instance today represents women or anyone who refused to live unconsciously with regards to assigned roles (instinctive pigs/animals). Freedom from oppression, particularly internalized thoughts.

Mars is slowing down to go retrograde on September 9. Saturn (responsible general) and Pluto (transformative shaman) challenge this instinctively self-protective and often toxic active force to check his motivations at the door. Manipulate or gaslight others at your own peril. Sure, these two lords of death give each of us a long rope to which to hang ourselves, but as they are the lords of time, space and recycling of souls, their higher vision wins in the end. ‘Regenerate or die’ Pluto whispers. ‘Eros or Thanatos’, ‘Saul or Paul’, but you will be born again. Every soul gets to choose whether it’s literal/physical or emotional/soulful. Hello, rapture, COVID-19 or actively dismantling a white supermicist system.

Know this we have a Pluto return coming up in systematic ‘we make policy’ Capricorn. Uranus returns later in this decade. Before the American Revolution, Civil War and WWII Uranus was in ‘what’s mine?’ Taurus. No one builds anything alone. Things or people? Hoarding or sharing?

Humility and shared submission to consensus ideals are the path. Are you going to choose to follow it, no matter what others may say, think or do? Leo is all about personal responsibility. Show up as the Sun does every morning.

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