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Living Multi-Dimensional Between Shadow & Light

All beings on this planet grow in the darkness. We need a little snark to get by aka 'gallows humor'. Death may become her, taxes are inevitable and judging by race seem to also be here with us. Actually, I prefer that 'our love is here to stay/not for a year/but ever and a day'

or another Diana's rendition is

With today's waning Moon in Pisces, expect your compassion to be tested.

Pause. Breathe. Imagine what the other person simply does not know. In today's quickened and heightened frequencies and amount of communication, we can too easily believe that 'they' should have known better. At the very least we make these assumptions a lot of the time.

Since February 1 (until May 15), Venus has been Invisible, taking us out of our comfort zones. Many kinds of therapy have ensued---shopping, retail, food, drink, sex---the usual Venus suspects. The beginning of spring gave us a warrior Venus for ideals of justice, fairness and honesty. Allow your reality to parallel your soul's reality---which is all about growth and evolution. Love that's tempered with wisdom lasts. This kind of love can travel between the dimensions of light and dark. Ideally, this unifying love creates other dimensions and buoyant worlds.

Pisces as a mutable water (soul) sign teaches us that we all swim in the same collective waters (polluted or not). These next couple of days are tailor made for escapes. Look to your darkness (aka shadow), but live in your light. Moderate any extreme responses. Reminisce about days where you have (still could) surrender into joy and ecstasy. Upload some photos to your favorite cloud.

Remember like charity, compassion begins at home. Where is your love sourced? How does your love last? How does love help you grow?

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