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Love Best Homespun & Warm Venus in Cancer ♋️

Until June 5, the Goddess of Love & Harmony moves through 'I Feel' Cancer.

Talk all you want, your intentional vibrations are what anyone who's in touch with their hearts will hear.


Check your water and air placement at your heart's door. From Gemini’s ♊️ busy mind creating categories and labels to Cancer's warmth and quick soulful intimacies. Equilibrium seeking Venus loves Cancer ♋️ as long as you take your time cuz--cuz sweet one, we got all the time in the world. She gives us all space to search for and express our pain through creative mode of expressions.

Can you imagine world where we cease believing that only classic art that has stood the test of time (and the patriarchal system) has to be the result of pain aka triggers? Can we not learn through joy and love instead of pain and sacrifice?

My Inner God/Tao voice says YES! (We can) lol Leo ♌️ Former President Obama...

Leo ♌️ teaches us that art can come from joy and play. Venus is all about joy. Taurus ♉️ joy is earthy, raw and primal. Our egos want to take a bath after experiencing this side of Aphrodite--probably with the one who lead you to play in the garden---yet, still the passions contained within Leo & Taurus are self made. Unless the fire and earth signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Virgo Capricorn) seek to become inclusive with their joy, it dries up and remains untouched from the heart ❤️ 💙 💜 💖

Libra ♎️ brings in the neutral energy of 'The Couple'. How do we share values and ideals? More importantly Lirbra asks how do we communicate and label our connection? Without Virgo's ♍️ precise ability to merge all of our roles into cohesive patterns, could we ever see, let alone trust how our reflection we receive from others? A deal is struck between our egos and souls in Virgo ♍️. This deal has humility as its overwhelming foundational virtue.

These labels are thoroughly investigated in solid water/feeling Scorpio ♏️. Let's peel back our triggers like a scab on a wound that's healed---time is our friend. Soulful energies exist and heal us outside of linear time & space. Multidimensional living our soul's realities lights up our ability to shed light on our wounds. Hence, every descending internally seeking its own level water sign is followed by an ascending fire 🔥 sign. Fire signs illuminate through their beings all the possibilities.

Fire displays the work of our souls, our shared rooted experiences. Aries ♈️ burns away the past of our universally shared ancestors. Leo ♌️burns away the genetic karma whether you can trace it on not. For example, I know that have 33% Nigerian blood, but the other two-thirds touches other continents. I would enjoy being idenitied with a country, however, from my soul's perspective I see one human race. Sagittarius ♐️ creates friction, touches your wounds that transcend race, gender, class, sexuality and other ways we separate ourselves from the whole.

Aquarius ♒️ spins those stories of our past hurts & grievances into multiple cautionary tales. Capricorn ♑️ is the behind the scenes power broker for Aquarius. Have you ever wondered how Aquarius break class barriers and glass ceilings? They have an unerring ability to secure protection from the system, even while going up against it--can be maddening, if you let be.

Moving from know it all Aquarius to shape shifting siren like Pisces requires a leap of faith. Not blind faith that denies commonsense, but where you've experienced a miracle. Realize that Grace is multidimensional & every Pisces ♓️ person senses this.

Allow Venus/Aphrodite to make light of your emotional baggage through Turning the heavy moral judgments over to Her and those beings who participate in Divine Justice. This summer you'll overjoyed at the protection you'll feel-- you'll get four months to emanate your inner peace that you begin accessing now...then, She fires 🔥 Leo! June 5 to October 8---I will share more later.

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Quan it’s amazing, just yesterday I was wondering “I haven’t heard from Quan for awhile “ suddenly your new essay appears. Bless your universe Quan Tracy Cherry.

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