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Love, Sex & Responsibility: Venus & Pluto in Cancer/Cap

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

I am on this astrological mission to end the word 'opposition'. An opposition in Astrology is when planets form an aspect (relationship) of 180 degrees to each other.

Polarity and binary run oppositions. However, when you see and live for inclusive relationships--you play with rootedness--no blame game of 'us v them'--no opposition.

Aries ♈️ joins with Libra ♎️

Taurus ♉️ merges with Scorpio ♏️

Gemini discusses with Sagittarius ♐️

Cancer ♋️ dissolves into Capricorn ♑️

Leo ♌️ ignites the heart ❤️ 💙 of Aquarius ♒️

Virgo ♍️ makes mundane play of Pisces ♓️ multidimensional visions

Oppositions unite into transcendence!

'Trans' as in beyond!

My transgendered and nonbinary folx have been teaching me to be inclusive. As a lawyer, psychic and astrologer, I cannot 'win' any argument. I choose be dedicated to the whole story, the whole truth...yep, my former Jehovah's Witness chocolate ass wants to show you a way to go---that's inclusive and accepting. Feel The Jacksons singing Philadelphia's Gamble and Huff tune---'Let Me Show The Way To Go'.

Our transfolx are showing us the way to go.

The womb of Cancer and its physical presentation of Capricorn contains our intersectionality of gender and biological sex. We live acoustically within our mother's womb for approximately nine months. Then, we are born physically into this world---and role (gender reveal parties notwithstanding). Voila! Expectations, duties and wounds get created...whenever you see wounds, picture buttons your parents and their parents installed. It's now called triggers.

The Venus (love/hormonal/physical) opposition (complimentary/equilibrium/harmonic) to Pluto (deep feeling/internal/gender) from womb Cancer to role playing Capricorn on 8.9.22 has ALL of us aspiring to show our real & whole selves to demonstrate themselves!

In ORM world, our soul's voice tells us how to evolve. The alleged 'opposition' between Venus (love/acceptance) and Pluto (soul/growth) can be at odds when one side attempts to control the other. How many times have you allowed your ego to run roughshod over another in order to be 'right'.? How about being heard, no matter what the cost?

These next several days these internal conflicts will be on everyone's front burner. Even you're thinking 'what does this have to do with me?' is an ego construction. To continue to believe and act as if astrology is NOT about your relationships is a need to be separate and right IN LIEU OF being heard and loved.

Be and express love, plz. Like JHud sung 'All Dressed Up in Love'--follow this link

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