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It?s a Full Moon this Tuesday, April 15.? It?s called a ?blood moon?.? At 2:42 am CDT, the Moon will pass so close to Earth, She’?ll produce a shadow that looks like a desert (or blood).? It?s also ?holy week? and ?tax day?, so put that in your apocalyptic pipe and smoke it.? So we are going to be beholding to two inevitable realities of life:? death and taxes!? Remember that the sacrifice of the Christ was to satisfy the laws of the Old Testament (more than 600 laws).? Although superstitions run rampant, it is important to not get caught up in the color of the Moon, but understand what a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse means:

  1. ?Full Moon: full spirit (Sun) and soul (Moon) come into conscious awareness.

  2. ?Present/future aspirations seek to balance your past, heritage, legacy and karma.

  3. ?Earth (stage for drama to be played out) is located between Sun and Moon?s path.

  4. We must be conscious and sincere actors, but we can get released from pasts that no longer serve our evolution.

  5. ?Find meaning in your past but look to your higher spiritual self which transcends your personal history.

  6. Locate a vision of yourself as a planetary citizen beyond the roles imprinted and given to you as a child.

  7. Reclaim your personal authority that emanates from your reflective (Libra) individual spirit (Aries).

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse happens across the Aries/Libra axis.? This opposing energy of initiating fire and air can be likened to a tennis match between two equally skilled opponents.? They volley; they banter and trash talk depending upon the tennis court, ask Lorde.? We will be asked to use our illumination in creative and spontaneous ways.

If you must be dominant and willful make sure it is for the good of the group or the community (that you’ve been building consensus with).? If you go off on your own (too much Aries), you?ll lose the support when you most need it.? (Think the boy who cried ?wolf?!)? If you do not let others know what your boundaries are (and then not commit to negotiating them, too much Libra), then you?ll begin to resent how extra work you’ve agreed to do.? Peace at any price brings war like overreaction at some point (usually around a Venus retrograde).

In Kansas City, Saturn rules this eclipse from a retrograde position in Scorpio in the tenth.? Expect stories of ?discovery? regarding our political, religious and corporate leaders.? In Scorpio, it is likely to be the cover up that?s more damaging than the actual misdeed.

Eclipses happen four times a year, usually, two solar (at New Moons) and two lunar (at Full Moons).? When the Moon is blocked and blooded, the Bible is trotted out to allegedly prove all sorts of happenings.? Those ancient astrologer priests had to use whatever physical phenomena they had to manipulate the ?powers that be? into whatever they saw as their ?higher ideal?.? Today, we are less gullible, or are we??? My own father thought I was crazy to not practice law.? I know what it means to be an outcast in each area of my life: family, work, country.? Lunar Eclipses demand you pay the price for ?second sight?.? And, the fact that it highlights Aries/Libra, a major role to play to be would be the child in Emperor?s new clothes or to keep with the biblical memes, play the fool that rushes in where angels fear to tread.

What makes this eclipse such an observational study is the Cardinal Grand Cross on the following Tuesday.? Each of us is being pulled into four separate directions yet these are connected when you end your sleepwalking through your own life.

The more you awaken your individual spirit in each moment without getting bogged down in karmic precedents (Uranus in Aries) and equalize that through active listening to become aware of other?s perception of fairness (Mars in Libra), your interpersonal relationships flourish.? Try seeing everyone you meet as a welcomed family member who would be grateful for your largess (Jupiter in Cancer) because those institutions you’ve been taught to place your trust are being transformed (Pluto in Capricorn).

Those whom you see on the way up (or ignore in your daily life because they do not look, love or behave as you would like them to), you?ll see on your way down (or when you do not want to be seen).? From the astrological wheel of karma we are all VIP?s.

So where is the 26th degree of Aries and Libra in your own natal chart?


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